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TWS News Roundup 3/1/23

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  1. Taiwan says 25 Chinese planes, 3 ships sent toward island | The Independent

  2. YouTube’s new leader teases AI tools that can virtually swap outfits - The Verge

  3. Eli Lilly caps insulin prices at $35 a month (

  4. Amazon Ring CEO steps down five years after acquisition (

  5. Foreign adversaries not behind 'Havana syndrome,' US intelligence agencies say (

  6. Biden poised for 1st presidential veto in newly divided Congress - ABC News (

  7. Mike Lee's personal Twitter account reinstated: Here's what we know (

  8. Airbnb is banning people ‘likely to travel’ with prohibited users | Engadget

  9. Supreme Court's Surprising Ruling That Went Unnoticed (

  10. Supreme Court seems to favor Jersey in dispute with New York | AP News

  11. House Republicans open investigation into role of intermediaries in prescription drug prices | The Hill

  12. Capitol Hill swarmed by straitjacketed performers in Kinzinger-led push (

  13. Senators Introduce Railway Safety Bill in Aftermath of East Palestine Derailment (

  14. Twitter's New Speech Policy Means Users Can't Wish Harm on Buildings (

  15. Iran can produce enough material for a nuclear bomb in 12 days: Pentagon | The Hill

  16. Postal Service Buys Nearly 10,000 Electric Vehicles As Biden Pushes For Electrified Federal Fleet | The Daily Wire

  17. US sanctions companies, individuals financing North Korea government | The Hill

  18. Weaponization Committee To Focus On 'Twitter Files' (

  19. Conservative Groups Write Letter Urging Key Senators To Oppose Biden FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn | The Daily Caller

  20. Biden spurns East Palestine again, travels to Baltimore instead | Fox News

  21. Nigeria’s Obi to challenge presidential election result in court | Reuters

  22. McCarthy to bring CBO director for House briefing as debt talks inch forward | The Hill

  23. Greek PM Says 'Tragic Human Error' Caused Deadly Train Collision - Breaking911

  24. Rep. Banks, Sen. Cotton Introduce Bill To Give Minors Harmed by Gender-Transition Procedures Legal Recourse | The Daily Caller

  25. Biden incorrectly says he cut national debt $1.7 trillion (

  26. House Democrats' own witness blasted Biden's climate bill for permitting 'climate apocalypse' | Fox News

  27. Biden’s economic approval rating at 34% | National |

  28. FBI links Wuhan lab to release of COVID-19 - Rebel News

  29. Gov. Youngkin fires back at Biden's criticism of 'MAGA Republicans' in Virginia: 'Go to Ohio' | Fox News

  30. Dollar Tree sees weak 2023 profit as costs mount, shoppers curb spending | Reuters

  31. Biden Judicial Nominee on the Ropes (

  32. Senate Judiciary grills Garland on fentanyl, law enforcement, religious investigations | Just The News

  33. Binance Unveils Bicasso, an AI-Powered NFT Generator (

  34. Turkey fines TikTok 1.75 mln lira for weak data protection measures | Reuters

  35. EU silence over Pfizer COVID contract talks is problem that won't go away -watchdog | Reuters

  36. Zeldin launches PAC aimed at increasing GOP turnout among voters of color, younger demographics | The Hill

  37. Trump's Truth Social asks Congress to probe SEC delays, conflicts of interest during merger review | Just The News

  38. EPA to award $250 million in IRA funds to reduce climate pollution | The Hill

  39. Researchers use AI to flag "misinformation" in podcasts, call for tech companies and regulators to "meet this challenge" (

  40. Massachusetts U.S. Attorney taps ex-DOJ watchdog to defend her in ethics probe | Reuters

  41. Schumer, Jeffries ask Murdoch to stop Fox hosts lying about 2020 election | The Hill

  42. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames loss on racism, gender (

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