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TWS News Roundup 4/19/23

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  1. Senior IRS agent blows whistle, alleging Biden DOJ thwarting criminal prosecution of Hunter Biden | Just The News

  2. House votes to block DC police accountability bill | The Hill

  3. Family That Lost Loved Ones Thanks To Illegal Migrant Smuggler Slams Mayorkas: ‘We Live In Fear’ | The Daily Caller

  4. Explosion rocks downtown Seattle, hazmat crews, bomb squad deployed | The Post Millennial |

  5. Biden to meet with 'Tennessee 3' at White House | Just The News

  6. Sex reassignment bill heads back to Senate for final approval (

  7. McCarthy releases full text of bill to extend debt limit and reduce spending | Just The News

  8. Tesla Q1 profit drops 24% due to price cuts (

  9. HHS Sec'y Becerra Violated Hatch Act by Campaigning for Alex Padilla (

  10. Twitter quietly drops bans on 'misgendering', 'deadnaming' transgender individuals | Just The News

  11. Pressley, Markey reintroduce bill to end qualified immunity | The Hill

  12. Pentagon's UFO chief presents evidence of two sightings - POLITICO

  13. White House issues veto warning for resolution overturning the VA’s abortion policy | The Hill

  14. Energy Department announces $250 million for clean energy heat pumps | Just The News

  15. Jim Justice has higher approval than Manchin among West Virginia Democrats: poll | The Hill

  16. China aiming for 'global technological supremacy', British cyber chief says | Reuters

  17. Pelosi Found Guilty Of Harassment, Forced To Cough Up Thousands (

  18. Germany set to ban new natural gas heating systems from 2024 | Just The News

  19. Meta to begin newest round of mass layoffs | The Hill

  20. Netflix delays account-sharing crackdown after ‘cancel’ pushback (

  21. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launches Democratic challenge against Biden, vows to fight 'corporate feudalism' | Fox News

  22. Sam Brinton to undergo mental health evaluation (

  23. Mubadala and G42 to buy dialysis clinic chain Diaverum (

  24. Joe Biden's Immigration Policy Comes Home To Roost (

  25. Don't use my name, Vivek Ramaswamy tells World Economic Forum (

  26. Afghanistan IG report hammers Biden administration for 'dysfunction' days after White House blames Trump | Fox News

  27. Alabama shooting suspects arrested, identified as teen brothers Ty Reik McCullough and Travis McCullough, authorities announce - CBS News

  28. California bill aims to make it illegal to criticize teachers for instructing in gender ideology | The Post Millennial |

  29. Supreme Court rules criminal prosecution of Turkish bank can move forward | The Hill

  30. Bidens' tax returns show they earned nearly $580,000 in taxes in 2022 (

  31. Fire kills more than two dozen patients in Beijing hospital (

  32. "Freight Recession" Highlighted By Largest Cargo Drop Since Pandemic | ZeroHedge

  33. Judge delays leaked documents suspect Jack Teixeira's court hearing after defense asks for more time | Fox News

  34. Allen Weisselberg, former Trump Organization CFO, released from jail - CBS News

  35. Oklahoma officials heard talking about hanging Black people in audio recording, governor calls for resignation | The Hill

  36. China ramps up construction on new Antarctic base | Daily Mail Online

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