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TWS News Roundup 4/8/24

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  1. DOJ will not turn over Biden's recorded interview with Special Counsel Hur, risking contempt of Congress | Fox News

  2. Washington Offers Tehran Negotiations To Avoid Striking Israel: Report | ZeroHedge

  3. Biden admin pushes ‘racial equity’ in new student debt plan for ‘more than 30 million borrowers’ | The Post Millennial |

  4. McConnell urges action on bill to restrict TikTok (

  5. Trump sues NY Judge Merchan over gag order in Alvin Bragg’s alleged fraudulent docs case | The Post Millennial |

  6. Greene effort to oust Johnson wouldn’t go far, predicts ex-GOP lawmaker | The Hill

  7. Son of Hamas founder blasts pro-Palestinian student supporters in US (

  8. Muslim protesters in Michigan chant ‘death to America,’ ‘death to Israel’ during Al-Quds Day | The Post Millennial |

  9. Jamie Dimon warns interest rates could soar above 8% (

  10. Brazil Supreme Court justice orders investigation of Elon Musk over fake news and obstruction | The Hill

  11. Amtrak spending reaches record levels with plans to expand even more | Just The News

  12. Michigan election officials run ‘tabletop exercises’ to prepare for nightmare scenarios disrupting voting - Washington Examiner

  13. Tesla’s Cybertrucks were ‘rushed out,’ are malfunctioning at astounding rate (

  14. Conservative PiS Wins Local Polish Elections in Setback for Globalist Tusk (

  15. UK man sentenced to rehab, fines for sending ‘offensive messages’ to MP who supported trans-identified males breastfeeding | Human Events |

  16. Wisconsin should be ‘of concern’ for Biden because of Gaza, says progressive Democrat | The Hill

  17. 125,000 migrants released into San Diego in six months (

  18. Researcher cited in ‘White Rural Rage’ debunks authors’ claims, says ‘the thing about rage — I’ve never found it’ | The Post Millennial |

  19. Biden May Not Appear On Ohio Ballot Due To Democratic Convention Timing | ZeroHedge

  20. Democratic congressmen unveil bill to rename a federal prison after Trump (

  21. NAIA, small colleges association, approves ban on trans athletes from women's sports - CBS News

  22. Fani Willis asks appeals court not to consider Trump disqualification bid | The Hill

  23. Toddler dies after shooting herself in the eye with her father's gun (

  24. Russians stage a rare protest after a dam bursts and homes flood near the Kazakh border | AP News

  25. Top U.S. pro-life group criticizes Trump's 'deeply disappointing' abortion announcement and insists there should be 'national protections' for 'unborn children and mothers' | Daily Mail Online

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