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TWS News Roundup 5/17/23

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  1. Congressional employees exposed in transit benefit program breach | The Hill

  2. Overwhelmed New York City Considers Housing Migrants In Notorious Jail: REPORT | The Daily Caller

  3. Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Becomes Unavailable In US | ZeroHedge

  4. Soros-backed prosecutor in St. Louis abruptly resigns after scandal-ridden tenure | Fox News

  5. Intruder Walked Into Biden Adviser’s Home in Dead of Night: Report (

  6. U.S. proposed conducting joint military planning with Israel on Iran (

  7. Court blocks Eric Adams from removing illegal immigrants from New York City | The Post Millennial |

  8. Biden admin pushing for Saudi-Israeli peace deal by end of year, officials say (

  9. Top Trump attorney who played role in DOJ's documents probe departs Trump's legal team - ABC News (

  10. Kari Lake Reveals New Evidence In Latest Return To Court In Arizona 2022 Election Case | DC Enquirer

  11. Ex-Pakistan PM Khan says police surround his house, fears re-arrest | Reuters

  12. WaPo says Mexico is too dangerous a place for illegal immigrants to wait for US asylum until claims are processed | Human Events |

  13. Bryan Kohberger indicted over University of Idaho murders (

  14. DOE to announce $251 million to expand carbon storage (

  15. Target expects nearly a $1B profit hit from 'theft and organized crime' (

  16. NIH Cuts US Taxpayer Funding for COVID-Linked Wuhan Institute |

  17. Brits and Dutch in 'Jet Coalition' to Get Ukraine F-16 Fighters (

  18. U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins to resign after DOJ watchdog probe (

  19. Miller Lite scrubs ‘woke’ Women’s History Month ad amid backlash - Rebel News

  20. Gov. Abbott Reveals Just How Many Migrants He Has Sent To Sanctuary Cities, Shares His Plan To Send Thousands More | DC Enquirer

  21. Biden views the debt ceiling as a staring contest with Republicans, not his duty as president | Fox News

  22. Top House Republican demands IRS briefing after alleged whistleblower retaliation | Just The News

  23. Media rushes to dismiss Durham findings that further debunked beloved Russian collusion narrative | Fox News

  24. Turkey opposition contests thousands of ballots after election | Reuters

  25. In another push for paid family leave, Sen. Gillibrand reintroduces the Family Act with some updates (

  26. Appeals court to hold hearing on future availability of abortion pill (

  27. Vance bill tightens safety standards for foreign-made gas cylinders | The Hill

  28. Microsoft researchers say GPT-4 shows 'sparks' of human-level performance | Fox Business

  29. France's Sarkozy loses corruption appeal, to challenge at highest court | Reuters

  30. Hunter Biden Lobbied State Department in 2016 on Behalf of Corrupt Romanian National, Records Show (

  31. UBS says it was rushed into unwanted Credit Suisse rescue merger | Reuters

  32. Feinstein's Latest Chat With Reporters Suggests She's Doing Worse Than We Thought (

  33. A costly joke: China slaps comedy firm with $2 million fine for military gag (

  34. GOP, Democrats team up to block China from buying up US farmland | Fox News

  35. White House Press Secretary accused of 'fleeing her podium' after abruptly ending briefing | Daily Mail Online

  36. Elizabeth Holmes loses latest bid to avoid prison and gets hit with $452 million restitution bill - ABC News (

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