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TWS News Roundup 5/3/23

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  1. Chuck Grassley, James Comer subpoena FBI over alleged Biden bribery scheme with foreign national in 'exchange of money for policy decisions' | The Post Millennial |

  2. US to send Ukraine another $300M in weapons ahead of spring offensive | The Hill

  3. New York becomes the first state to ban gas stoves in new residential building construction - CBS News

  4. Report: FBI Assists Ukraine in Fighting 'Disinformation' on Facebook (

  5. Lawmakers Dumped Their Shares In First Republic Bank Before The Company Collapsed | The Daily Wire

  6. Nashville police delay Covenant School shooting manifesto release | Fox News

  7. Gaetz on cosponsoring lawmaker stock trade bill: Ocasio-Cortez is ‘wrong a lot’ but ‘not corrupt’ | The Hill

  8. Sen. Sherrod Brown received an extra property tax credit (

  9. Ex-Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga confirmed as World Bank president - CBS News

  10. AI could have 'human-level' intelligence in next few years, Google DeepMind CEO says (

  11. US Army expected to miss recruitment goal again in 2023 | The Post Millennial |

  12. Regulation could allow China to dominate in the artificial intelligence race, experts warn: 'We will lose' | Fox News

  13. Fed hikes rates despite recession fears | The Hill

  14. Ohio man stashed 300K fentanyl pills from drug cartel in SUV gas tank: NYC prosecutors (

  15. FTC chair says agency watching for ‘unfair or deceptive’ AI use | The Hill

  16. Prosecutors near decision on charging Hunter Biden: report (

  17. Blinken on Putin assassination attempt claim: Take anything from Kremlin with ‘very large shaker of salt’ | The Hill

  18. Pelosi continues massive private jet spending after relinquishing leadership post | Fox News

  19. Reported active shooter leaves multiple injured, 1 dead in Atlanta | The Hill

  20. U.S. Dem lawmakers tell Bibi judicial overhaul makes defending Israel hard (

  21. Private employers add 296K jobs, well above expectations | The Hill

  22. 3 imprisoned Iranian female journalists win top UN prize - ABC News (

  23. Schmitt targets federal regulations in first Senate bill, calls Biden ‘poster child’ for excessive rules | Fox News

  24. Democrat Colin Allred launches 2024 bid against Ted Cruz (

  25. NPR says Elon Musk is threatening to reassign its Twitter account | The Hill

  26. 'Kill ’em! Kill ’em!' Former FBI Supervisory Agent Charged for Alleged Involvement in J6 Riot - Becker News

  27. Google reportedly bans phrases for UK workers including ‘hey guys’ and ‘man hours’ (

  28. Meta Says ChatGPT-Related Malware Is on the Rise |

  29. Russia’s Medvedev Calls for 'Elimination' Of Zelensky & 'His Clique' After Drone Attack | ZeroHedge

  30. Coca-Cola shareholders snub ‘woke’ suggestions - The Spectator World

  31. DOE Set To Award $200M Grant to Battery Maker Run by Chinese 'Talent Program' Recruit (

  32. Philippines becomes surprise Biden friend in the fight against China (

  33. Oregon Secretary of State to resign next week | Just The News

  34. Immunologist is investigated by University for liking vaccine skeptic tweets, gender surgery criticism (

  35. Woman faces legal action over criticisms of transgender athlete in women's football league - Rebel News

  36. Hawley bill would force large corporations to crack down on child labor amid spike in migrant trafficking | Fox News

  37. U.S., Mexico agree on tighter immigration policies as Title 42 restrictions end (

  38. Rashida Tlaib Hit with 'Community Notes' for False Tweet About Israel (

  39. Biden administration working with GOP to advance judicial nominees amid Feinstein absence | The Hill

  40. Israel tells CENTCOM Intel sharing will continue, despite Pentagon leak (

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