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TWS News Roundup 5/4/23

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  1. Latest evidence in Hunter Biden probe turns attention to Joe Biden, informant claim of bribery | Just The News

  2. Dallas disrupted by hackers - courts closed, police and fire sites offline | Reuters

  3. Ireland wanted public input on proposed censorship bill...Until the majority said they actually prefer free speech. (

  4. ‘Kyiv Only Does What It Is Told To Do’: Russia Says U.S. Behind Alleged Kremlin Drone Attack | The Daily Wire

  5. Jury finds Andrew Gillum not guilty of lying to FBI agents | Miami Herald

  6. Rep. Mast Demands Taxpayer-Funded Voice Of America Stop ‘Carrying Water For The Left’ | The Daily Caller

  7. JPMorgan has been quietly scooping up SVB's talent: sources (

  8. 'Not my king': UK republicans want coronation to be the last | AP News

  9. FTC proposes ban on Meta profiting from minors' data | Reuters

  10. The Chinese government has 183 diplomats registered in Canada - Rebel News

  11. Kayleigh McEnany To Host Next ‘Fox News Tonight’ Time Slot | The Daily Caller

  12. Tucker Carlson floats moderating alternate GOP primary debate with Trump: report | The Hill

  13. Sotomayor didn't recuse self from Penguin book cases, despite having received $3M from publisher | Just The News

  14. Barack Obama lectures about 'widespread disinformation' on World Press Freedom Day: 'Truth matters' | Fox News

  15. Republican senators slam Navy over drag queen 'ambassador' (

  16. Watchdog: IRS Has Spent $10 Million on Firearms, Ammunition Since 2020 (

  17. Biden gets support for debt ceiling fight from super PACs (

  18. Top Officials Who Pushed Aggressive COVID-19 Policies Try To Rewrite History | ZeroHedge

  19. Biden intel chief: ‘Almost a certainty’ China, Russia would exploit a US debt default | The Hill

  20. Mexico, where many work 6 days a week, considers the 40-hour workweek (

  21. CRTC considering banning Fox News from Canadian cable packages | National Post

  22. New York, California Probing Workplace Discrimination at NFL - Breaking911

  23. Rep. Gaetz, Sen. Mullin introduce national ‘Stand Your Ground’ bills: ‘Legal duty to retreat’ helps attacker | Fox News

  24. NYC Mayor, AOC Spar Over Death Of Unstable Homeless Man At Hands Of Former Marine | The Daily Wire

  25. RFK Jr. Says Climate Change Being Exploited To Push 'Totalitarian Controls' | ZeroHedge

  26. U.S. Congress gears up for immigration overhaul as Title 42 ends | Reuters

  27. Biden expands ability to sanction in response to violence in Sudan | The Hill

  28. Verdict In For Proud Boys Charged With January 6 Seditious Conspiracy | The Daily Wire

  29. Biden Admin Announces Plan To Counter Risks Of AI | The Daily Caller

  30. Michelle Obama launches a healthy food-and-drink brand to fight childhood obesity | Fox Business

  31. Justice Thomas responds to report donor funded relative's education, says money went to school | Just The News

  32. DeSantis Set to Sign Protection of Medical Conscience Act into Law · The Floridian (

  33. Maryland Rep. David Trone running for Cardin’s Senate seat | The Hill

  34. Ban social media for kids? Fed-up parents in Senate say yes | AP News

  35. Ted Cruz to stump for Kelly Craft in heated Kentucky GOP gubernatorial primary | The Hill

  36. PacWest stock down 36% lender could be next bank to fall (

  37. Secret recording: Top GOP recruit says Trump endorsement isn't all that - POLITICO

  38. Developing: Maricopa County Denies Public Records Request for Runbeck Video Camera Footage - LAWSUIT IN THE WORKS | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson

  39. Almost half in new poll concerned about their money’s safety in banks | The Hill

  40. CEO distances Anheuser-Busch from Bud Light Dylan Mulvaney controversy: 'Not a formal campaign' | Fox Business

  41. European Central Bank slows pace of rate hikes but vows more | AP News

  42. Atlanta shooting suspect facing murder charge | The Hill

  43. Washington elections bill ‘generates more distrust in the system’ | Just The News

  44. Montana governor signs multiple anti-abortion measures | The Hill

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