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TWS News Roundup 5/5/24

TWS News Roundup 5/2/24

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  1. U.S. put a hold on an ammunition shipment to Israel (

  2. Vehicle crashes into White House gate, driver dead, Secret Service says | Just The News

  3. Jack Smith admits that evidence in Trump’s classified documents Mar-a-Lago case was tampered with | The Post Millennial |

  4. Over 380K more NYC students had info leaked, bringing total to over 1M (

  5. Israeli Government Shuts Down Al Jazeera Within Country (

  6. Ben Sasse, prez of University of Florida, tells colleges to take his school's lead on anti-Israel protests (

  7. Trump leads Biden on economy, crime, immigration: ABC/Ipsos poll | The Post Millennial |

  8. RNC lawyer Charlie Spies to step down just 2 months after taking the job (

  9. Trump team says campaign raised over $76 million in April | The Post Millennial |

  10. Doug Burgum says a Donald Trump conviction would be a 'travesty of justice' (

  11. New mothers won't need to attend jury duty under DeSantis-signed law (

  12. Floods in southern Brazil force 70,000 from homes - Breitbart

  13. Georgia Gov. Kemp signs bills targeting police car arsonists, helping first responders with PTSD | Just The News

  14. UK social worker wins $58,000 in damages after trans coworker tried to get her fired for criticizing gender ideology | Human Events |

  15. US, Australian surfers were likely executed in vicious carjacking in Mexico: report (

  16. Pro-Hamas Protests Funded by Biden's Own Political Donors (

  17. Columbia law students claim they are ‘irrevocably shaken’ after Gaza camp, ask for no exams, passing grades | The Post Millennial |

  18. Maui sues cell carriers over wildfire warning alerts that were never received during service outages - Breitbart

  19. Gov. Kristi Noem says "I want the truth to be out there" after viral stories of killing her dog, false Kim Jong Un claim - CBS News

  20. Trump likens the Biden administration to the 'Gestapo' at a private donor event (

  21. Feds Plan to Ask to Seize Marilyn Mosby's Florida Condo – HotAir

  22. Joe Biden Hands Out Obamacare to Illegal Immigrants (

  23. Google BANS ad showing how life was better under Trump than Biden | The Post Millennial |

  24. Jewish Organizations Abruptly Pull Out of Meeting With Biden Admin After Addition of Left-Wing Groups (

  25. Italy Blasts 'Desperate' Macron for 'Dangerous' Rhetoric on Ukraine War (

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