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TWS News Roundup 7/11/22

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  1. CA First-Grader Disciplined, Harassed By School Officials For Writing 'Any Lives' Matter on BLM Drawing – RedState

  2. Concealed carry holder trades shots with gunmen in South Loop shootout (

  3. 4chan users claim to have cracked Hunter Biden’s iPhone account | Washington Examiner

  4. Texas bill would ban children from social media - Rebel News

  5. Sri Lanka's parliament to elect new president on July 20 | Reuters

  6. Massachusetts Legislative leaders announce $500M in tax relief proposals | Fox News

  7. Biden Administration is sued over DHS social media surveillance allegations (

  8. Frontier Airlines seeks delay on vote to merge with Spirit (

  9. Maryland voters may have to wait 10 days post-primary for election results due to mail ballot rules | Just The News

  10. Texas dad shoots thieves stealing car with kids inside (

  11. Hundreds of Virginia state employees resign amid new policy to bring them back to the office | The Hill

  12. Pro-abortion Group Offering Harassment Bounty on Supreme Court's Conservative Wing |

  13. Monkeypox 'may be up to 30 TIMES less deadly than originally stated' | Daily Mail Online

  14. ‘We Are Not Slaves’: European Farmers Protest Against Green Regs Decimating Food Production | The Daily Caller

  15. Seattle jail closes booking area due to staffing shortage | The Post Millennial

  16. Taiwan vice president makes rare Japan visit to pay respects to Abe | Reuters

  17. Arizona signs law to limit filming of police officers (

  18. Buttigieg defends Kavanaugh demonstrators' right to protest | Just The News

  19. Cruz requests Garland testify on DOJ steps to protect Supreme Court justices after abortion decision | Fox News

  20. Kamala Harris calls to ban guns 'intentionally designed to kill a lot of human beings quickly' | Just The News

  21. Looming Musk-Twitter legal battle hammers company shares | The Hill

  22. US leaks of Israeli covert ops against Iran eroding trust, security ahead of Biden visit to region | Just The News

  23. Monsoon rains kill 150 in less than a month in Pakistan | AP News

  24. At Least 28 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's (D) Chicago (

  25. N.Y. Times Poll: Democrats Don't Want Biden to Run in '24 |

  26. GOP Sen. Johnson says FBI, DOJ slow on Hunter Biden laptop investigation | Just The News

  27. Chinese bank depositors face police in protest in Henan after reports senior executive on the run (

  28. Venerable deficit hawk Alan Simpson warns both parties over delaying entitlement reform | Just The News

  29. Mexican President Heads to Washington, Migration Resurgence in Focus |

  30. Ex-Trump strategist Steve Bannon agrees to testify to Jan. 6 panel (

  31. Gas Pipeline Shutdown Starts amid German Suspicion of Russia |

  32. Florida man arrested for allegedly threatening to 'make Texas and Highland Park' look like 'child’s play' | Fox News

  33. Israel Steps Closer to US Visa Waiver Program With Information-Sharing Agreement |

  34. Businesses Urge SEC to Consider Mergers in Climate-Disclosure Rule - WSJ

  35. Chinese cops 'beat' protesters outraged at having bank accounts frozen | Fox News

  36. Liz Cheney Could Lose GOP Primary, Establishment Media Acknowledge (

  37. New UK prime minister to be announced on Sept. 5 as tax dominates contest | Reuters

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