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TWS News Roundup 7/19/23

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  1. Jim Jordan Targets Big Pharma in Fight against Suppression of Free Speech (

  2. DOD Memo Says Transgender Soldiers on Hormone Therapy Can Skip Deployments (

  3. Amazon delivery driver surveillance footage leaks on Reddit (

  4. GOP N.H. Gov. Chris Sununu Won't Seek 5th Term in 2024 |

  5. Stanford University president resigns over research concerns (

  6. Netflix scraps cheapest ad-free plan to boost ad-tier | Reuters

  7. Trump charged with conspiracy, obstruction over Jan. 6: report (

  8. U.S. and Israel agree on conditions that could see Israelis join visa waiver program (

  9. La. AG Jeff Landry details next steps in speech lawsuit against Biden – One America News Network (

  10. Iran Looking for Inbound Tourists as 'Morality Police' Return (

  11. Judge rejects Trump’s bid to move hush money case to federal court | The Hill

  12. Biden Administration Suspends Funding to Wuhan Institute of Virology Over Safety Concerns – RedState

  13. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Mysterious $1 Million Prize (

  14. Plumbers union endorses Biden reelection bid | The Hill

  15. Russia Again Launches Intense Air Raids Against Ukraine Overnight (

  16. Hogan releases cryptic video after saying third party ‘worth trying’ | The Hill

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