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TWS News Roundup 7/26/23

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  1. Hunter Biden Pleads Not Guilty After Judge Rejects 'Sweetheart' Plea Deal That Included Global Immunity – RedState

  2. Whistleblower Tells Congress the US Is Concealing 'multi-decade' Program That Captures UFOs |

  3. Jason Aldean removes Black Lives Matter protest clip from 'Try That in a Small Town' music video (

  4. High school student who sat in Pence’s chair during Capitol riot is sentenced to 1 year in prison | AP News

  5. McConnell freezes during news conference, prompting colleagues' concern - CBS News

  6. Tennessee Teachers Union Suing Over Law Banning Teaching Critical Race Theory | TIMCAST

  7. Federal Reserve raises interest rates by quarter point to combat inflation | Just The News

  8. O’Rourke: Biden should order ‘immediate removal’ of Abbott’s razor wire, Rio Grande obstructions | The Hill

  9. Judge vacates Bowe Bergdahl's desertion conviction and dishonorable discharge | Just The News

  10. Meta stock surges on revenue beat, upbeat guidance (

  11. Senate Finance Committee advances PBM reform bill | The Hill

  12. Suffolk County DA will prosecute accused Gilgo Beach serial killer himself in rare move (

  13. Joe Biden’s Frazzled Handlers Rush to Hide the Evidence After Bizarre Cancer Cure Claim – RedState

  14. 'He Doesn’t Want To Show Up': Trump Could Sit Down With Tucker Carlson Instead of Attending First GOP Debate | DC Enquirer

  15. Sen. Ernst Introduces Legislation To Hold SBA Accountable For $200 Billion In Fraud | The Daily Caller

  16. U.S. consumer confidence jumps to a two-year high as inflation eases | AP News

  17. Giuliani won't contest claims he made 'false' statements about 2 Georgia election workers - ABC News (

  18. Manchin and Tuberville unveil bill making sweeping changes to college sports | The Hill

  19. Virginia state prisons under scrutiny after reports of guards brutalizing inmates - Axios Richmond

  20. Gaetz introduces legislation to end ‘unqualified’ birthright citizenship | The Hill

  21. UK budget watchdog warned ex-finance minister Kwarteng about soaring borrowing | Reuters

  22. Lawyers Caught Telling Illegals to Fabricate Backstories to Gain Asylum (

  23. Judge Threatens Sanctions on Hunter's Legal Team |

  24. Republicans Call Out Biden's DHS for Closing 92K Deportation Cases in 2022 (

  25. Prosecutor urges Sam Bankman-Fried be jailed before trial over bail violations - CBS San Francisco (

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