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TWS News Roundup 8/15/23

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  1. Rudy Giuliani indicted under racketeering laws he famously used to take down mob bosses (

  2. Exclusive -- Breitbart News's Kristina Wong Firsthand Account of Maui Fires: Flames Were 'Enormous'

  3. Prosecutors deny they 'reneged' on Hunter Biden plea deal - ABC News (

  4. Ocean County Commissioner Vicari Calls On The Federal Government To Address The Prescription Drug Shortage - The Lakewood Scoop

  5. Charles McGonigal, ex-FBI official who worked for sanctioned Russian oligarch, pleads guilty - CBS News

  6. Caroline Ellison was recorded blaming Sam Bankman-Fried for FTX collapse (

  7. Feinstein accuses trustees of husband’s estate of financial abuse | The Hill

  8. Kevin McCarthy Says Future Of His Speakership Hinges On GOP Victories In One Key State | The Daily Caller

  9. Minnesota town's entire police force resigns, leaving chief with 'zero prospects' (

  10. Ukrainian General Convicted of Treason for Passing Secrets to Russia (

  11. OpenAI touts GPT-4 for content moderation (

  12. Rep. Ronny Jackson curses at officers, is tackled to ground in video of detainment | The Hill

  13. Eric Adams slams Biden administration's NYC migrant permit delays (

  14. Kemp pushes back on promised Trump fraud report: ‘The 2020 election in Georgia was not stolen’ | The Hill

  15. Biden enters fray of high-stakes UAW, Detroit automaker talks (

  16. White House asks Supreme Court to strike down Texas social media law | The Hill

  17. Mar-a-Lago property manager Carlos De Oliveira pleads not guilty to new charges in documents probe - ABC News

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