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TWS News Roundup 8/15/23

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White House asks Supreme Court to strike down Texas social media law | The Hill - "Prelogar said the court should reverse the 5th Circuit court’s decision to uphold the Texas law, arguing that the companies have First Amendment protections to carry out content moderation as they choose" - Lol. I mean seriously. The Whitehouse is worried about Social Media First Amendment rights? Wow. Just wow. This is the Whitehouse circumventing the ruling prohibiting them from requesting social media to moderate in the their favor. Now they are all for the First Amendment.


Minnesota town's entire police force resigns, leaving chief with 'zero prospects' ( - You think Minnesota is going to go the way of California and Illinois? It looks like every State that goes Woke is losing the people who actually want to serve their communities. I guess this is what happens when you no longer feel at home in your own community.


Charles McGonigal, ex-FBI official who worked for sanctioned Russian oligarch, pleads guilty - CBS News - Ah. The FBI showing everyone how fair and impartial they are. Ya, it is very easy to be fair and impartial towards someone who has no actual political standing. Yet when it comes to Trump and Biden, all fairness and impartiality go right out the window.


Ocean County Commissioner Vicari Calls On The Federal Government To Address The Prescription Drug Shortage - The Lakewood Scoop - Please please please. Don't ask the Federal government to step in and help with anything. Asking the Federal government is just like saying, here, take away everything I own. The only thing the Federal government knows how to do is raise taxes and infringe on your rights. I don't know what the answer is to this crises or any other crises. But it is definitely not the Federal government.

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