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TWS News Roundup 8/21/23

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  1. Trump's bond set at $200,000 in Fulton County election interference case - ABC News (

  2. DeSantis camp doubles down on 'listless' blast, rips 'entitled' Trump (

  3. DOJ accused of 'witness intimidation' following bombshell report on efforts to stifle IRS whistleblowers on Hunter criminal case: Top investigator into Biden family corruption says GOP facing the 'worst obstruction' in 'history' | Daily Mail Online

  4. Elon Musk was treated as de facto diplomat by Pentagon officials due to Russia-Ukraine war 'influence' - and 'told defense worker he DID speak directly to Vladimir Putin' | Daily Mail Online

  5. Police accused raided Kansas newspaper of lying to get records. A reporter used public info. (

  6. Eastman agrees to $100K bond in Georgia election case | The Hill

  7. Freedom Caucus rebels against a short-term funding bill with new demands (

  8. Migrants get a home at Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field, $20M to find jobs: Hochul (

  9. Texas court offers rehabilitation program to help military veterans who broke the law - CBS News

  10. US citizens urged to leave Belarus immediately | The Hill

  11. Bloomberg LP names Vlad Kliatchko as CEO in major shake-up: report (

  12. Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle To Attend First GOP Debate Despite Trump Absence | The Daily Caller

  13. X CEO Linda Yaccarino Met With Pro-Censorship Group In the Weeks Ahead of X Suing CCDH (

  14. Hunter Biden had meeting with Trump impeachment lawyers in 2019: Politico report | The Post Millennial |

  15. Ford's 2022 recall of Mach-E electric cars probed by feds (

  16. Chicago Dem Promotes Solution For Insane Homicide Rate: Ask Gangs To Only Shoot At Night | The Daily Wire

  17. Guatemala election: Bernardo Arévalo beats Sandra Torres in presidential race (

  18. Suspected 'Trump won' flag arsonist identified using Strava after reward offered by Tim Pool, Benny Johnson | The Post Millennial |

  19. Trump Says He Will 'Not Be Doing the Debates,' Citing Poll Numbers (

  20. Biden to name official to oversee long-term Maui recovery effort | The Hill

  21. International Elites Rush to Embrace Clinton Global Initiative (

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Trump Says He Will 'Not Be Doing the Debates,' Citing Poll Numbers ( - In all seriousness. Why should Trump debate anybody? They aren't going to debate any of the real issues. Any question aimed at Trump is going to be about him and his indictments, and it won't matter what questions they ask anybody else, as all their answers will be on how they are not Trump. The only person I want to see debate Trump is Ramaswamy. He is the closest to Trump by the fact that he has not had the chance to be tainted by politics. So the whole debate would be a much cleaner debate.


Biden to name official to oversee long-term Maui recovery effort | The Hill - You know what long term means right? Another cash cow for the Federal government. Why take a year to build when you could drag it out for 20 years while overpaying contractors to do a never ending job?

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