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TWS News Roundup 8/29/22

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

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  1. FBI special agent who opened Trump investigation reportedly escorted out of Bureau headquarters | Just The News

  2. Jim Jordan leads investigation into DOJ watchdog over FBI seizure of Scott Perry's phone | Washington Examiner

  3. Jean-Pierre Dodges Question On Biden’s Plan To Mark One-Year Anniversary Of Afghanistan Withdrawal | The Daily Caller

  4. Supreme Court fencing removed, but building remains closed | AP News

  5. TSA rolls out new program at LAX to better detect drones around airports - ABC News (

  6. Two-year U.S. bond yield dam bursts | Reuters

  7. Republican-aligned PAC steps up ad buys ahead of midterms | Just The News

  8. Employee who attempted to disarm gunman among those killed in supermarket shooting, police say - ABC News (

  9. Biden admin says 'special master' not needed because FBI has already reviewed seized Mar-a-Lago docs | The Post Millennial

  10. Raphael Warnock's income doubled during his first year in Senate | Washington Examiner

  11. Advocacy Group Files Massive Legal Challenge Against Biden's Student Loan Scam - DC Enquirer

  12. Staffer for Soros-backed DA's office has history of ridiculing White Americans and conservatives, tweets show | Fox News

  13. Canada invokes pipeline treaty with U.S. over Wisconsin Line 5 dispute | Reuters

  14. Georgia DA says ‘about 60 percent’ of needed witnesses have testified in election probe | The Hill

  15. IMF board releases over $1.1 bln in Pakistan bailout funds | Reuters

  16. EXPLOSIVE LEAK: Secret Interpol memo on Avi Yemini NZ ban (

  17. Biden Uses Little-Known COVID Waiver To Write Off $9B In Student Loans For 150,000 Government, Nonprofit Workers | The Daily Wire

  18. Russian defense minister possibly sidelined: UK intel | The Hill

  19. Another Top Dem Comes Out Against Biden’s Student Debt Cancellation | The Daily Wire

  20. DOJ finds ‘limited’ items covered by attorney-client privilege at Mar-a-Lago | The Hill

  21. Elon Musk subpoenas Twitter whistleblower, seeking details on spam, security | Reuters

  22. Grassley vows to pursue Hunter Biden and root out FBI 'political bias' (

  23. Graham predicts ‘riots in streets’ if Trump is prosecuted over classified records | Donald Trump | The Guardian

  24. Actor John James says My Son Hunter trailer is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ | Washington Examiner

  25. Baltimore 'drug dealers' threatened to 'shoot up' set of 'Lady in the Lake' starring Natalie Portman | Daily Mail Online

  26. House Republicans call out Biden's 'clown' attack comparing COVID loans to student debt handout | Fox News

  27. China dismisses Taiwan complaints on drone harassment | Reuters

  28. Animal cookies recalled after metal found inside | The Hill

  29. Winsome Sears doubles down on Youngkin's vow to battle left's EV push: 'We're going to get rid of this thing' | Fox News

  30. Crist Running Mate Karla Hernandez-Mats Says Program Recruiting Vets is 'Deprofessionalizing' Teaching - Florida’s Voice (

  31. Zelenskiy blames Russia as Europe counts cost of gas crisis | Reuters

  32. Democrats Are Demanding An Extra $50,000,000 For Food For Illegal Immigrants. (

  33. Val Demings Says ‘I Am The Police.’ Florida Sheriffs Say That’s Ridiculous. (

  34. Fire department in Texas border county recovering bodies of migrants every day | Washington Examiner

  35. Full Implosion Overnight In 'Green Zone' As Baghdad Threatens To Become Next Kabul | ZeroHedge

  36. Tax credit 2022: Deadline for Maryland residents to claim $1,000 student loan debt relief credit is 18 days away | Washington Examiner

  37. $390K in fentanyl seized at Texas-Mexico border - CBS DFW (

  38. Jackson mayor urges residents to 'get out now' as Mississippi braces for river flooding after record rainfall (

  39. Sens. Sanders, Warren Cheer Biden's Student Loan Relief: 'Make Public Colleges and Universities Tuition-Free' | CNSNews

  40. Kremlin Says World Needs to Pressure Ukraine Over Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant |

  41. Former head of Mossad says group carried out ops in 'heart of Iran' to cripple nuclear program | Fox News

  42. Floods, other water-related disasters could cost global economy $5.6 trillion by 2050 -report | Reuters

  43. O'Rourke postpones campaign events after being hospitalized with bacterial infection | Just The News

  44. 'Vote Republican': Joe Rogan on how Americans can 'protect your freedom' | The Post Millennial

  45. Artemis I launch updates: NASA breaks down details behind launch scrub - ABC News (

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