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TWS News Roundup 8/9/23

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  1. X Is Fined $350,000 For Pushing Back Against Secret Warrant For Tump's Twitter Account (

  2. Democrat DC councilman pleads for National Guard to come help address skyrocketing homicides | The Post Millennial |

  3. Ex-FBI Agent Charles McGonigal May Change Plea to Guilty in Corruption Case – RedState

  4. Utah man Craig Deleeuw Robertson is shot dead by the FBI in raid after posting on Facebook 'credible' Joe Biden death threats ahead of president's visit to Salt Lake City | Daily Mail Online

  5. For Washington Post's Feared 'Pinocchio' Fact Checker, Forthrightness Dies in 'Updates' to Biden-Burisma Story | RealClearInvestigations

  6. Noem on White House decision: ‘Why run if you can’t win?’ | The Hill

  7. 4th indictment against Trump expected in Georgia next week | The Post Millennial |

  8. Defense Department launches two-year AI cyber challenge at Black Hat (

  9. Trudeau Liberals move to ban plastic wrapping for meat, bags for produce at grocery stores | The Post Millennial |

  10. CNN Changes Tune On Ukraine's Counteroffensive: 'Extremely Unlikely' To Succeed | ZeroHedge

  11. US Supreme Court refuses Epic bid to let App Store order take effect in Apple case | Reuters

  12. New York Times Op-ed Warns of 'Terrible Consequences' of Prosecuting Trump (

  13. Rand Paul Slaps Fauci With DC Criminal Referral Over Perjury Allegations | ZeroHedge

  14. 10 THOUSAND illegal immigrants flood into NYC every month under Biden's border policies | The Post Millennial |

  15. Pence unveils plan aimed at making US top global energy producer | The Hill

  16. Taxpayers Stuck Paying Legal Bills of NFL Player's Dad Arrested for Killing Protected Bald Eagle (

  17. Oberlin College Sues Insurance Companies After They Refuse To Cover $36M Payment To Falsely Accused Bakery | The Daily Wire

  18. Netanyahu wants security agreement from Biden as part of mega U.S.-Saudi-Israel deal (

  19. U.S. nurse Alix Dorsainvil and daughter released after kidnap in Haiti, Christian group says - CBS News

  20. Trump leads Biden 41% to 34% in national Premise poll | The Post Millennial |

  21. Hate-speech watchdog being sued by Musk says it will defend suit ‘vigorously’ | The Hill

  22. Dianne Feinstein hospitalized after San Francisco fall (

  23. Report: Vulnerable House Dems Cautious Not to Lean into ‘Bidenomics’ (

  24. RNC Announces FOX Business Republican Primary Debate with Partners Reagan Foundation, Univision, and Rumble | GOP

  25. Boy who wounded teacher Abigail Zwerner boasted: 'I shot that bitch dead' (

  26. US Navy sailor's mom encouraged him to pass military details to China, prosecutor says | AP News

  27. Comer Releases Third Bank Memo Detailing Payments to the Bidens from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine - United States House Committee on Oversight and Accountability

  28. Joe DINED with oligarchs who paid Hunter: New bank records detail part of the $20 MILLION in foreign cash to Biden family - including $142,000 from Kazakh oligarch to president's son that he used to buy Porsche after DC dinner | Daily Mail Online

  29. Explosive Report: Sources Say Secret Service, Joe Biden Know Who Brought Cocaine Into White House – RedState

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1 Comment - I would say that this is the NYT token stance of fairness in reporting article. Now they can go back in good conscience to their regular Woke reporting.

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