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Three year statement

It has been three years since Team World Supporter (TWS) has started its journey. In this article we will discuss what TWS has accomplished and what our plans are for the coming year.

I saw that there was an issue with news being manipulated to twist the facts. I wanted to combat the issue, so I responded to all of the tweets that I saw were fake. I made one video proving the issue for my YouTube channel.

However, being that existed and did an amazing job, I moved on to tackle a more concerning issue, conservatives were being censored on Big Tech and it really bothered me. I decided to act upon that. I immediately started tweeting out a daily tracker for an account called @ariefriedman who was suspended for standing up to known anti-Semite Paul Nehlen. The list kept growing for a couple months until I decided to make a YouTube video. You can watch the video here:, the video had a whole list of people that exposed Twitter’s double standard.

After a while, TWS made a form for people to submit their wrongful shadow-banning/suspension from any social media platform. The form required a picture of the offending tweet if possible.

We still were not satisfied with our work, so we decided to bring news aggregating to our social media accounts. We saw the news and did research to see if it was real news and then posted it on our WhatsApp chats and our other social media platforms. We got news minutes after it was broken, our research team was and is unbeatable and we were crushing the news aggregating on our social media platforms until we moved onto the next step.

While aggregating news we were still promoting our YouTube video and form. After posting the form link in response to a tweet complaining about censorship, we received a DM from CloutHub asking for a review. This brought TWS into a whole new step that we tackled with ease, reviewing social media platforms.

CloutHub worked with us whenever we had any questions, and the review came out very nicely. At the time we did not have this website, so we posted the review on our Instagram account.

On October 16th, 2019 we launched our website with the help of a very generous individual. With the new website we planned on keeping the people updated with whatever we did here at TWS.

After a couple statements here and there, we heard of a new platform alternative to YouTube called StoryFire and did a review. (The first review which we did on our website, as a side note they closed down today) after that we did another review between CloutHub and Parler. We then did two more reviews; PolitiChatter and Mumblit. The reviews are there for you to make educated decisions and not a rash one.

On December 12th, 2020 we officially launched The Yossi Schmidt Show podcast which you can find at were I talk about what goes on behind the scenes here at TWS, and my take on current events.

Now that it has officially been three years of TWS, I take a look back and am extremely proud of what TWS has accomplished over the years (besides for our three logos which is the thumbnail of this post). But this does not mean that we can stop, this means that our journey to protect the constitution is just beginning.

We will continue to review the social media alternative platforms and bring you accurate news on all of our social media accounts. The podcast will still be going on.

Our goal for the fourth year of TWS is to be your one stop shop for your social media platform reviews. We will be getting better and better at them as we continue. We are willing to work with any platform that ignored us when we reached out to them, we will ask them why they ignored them to begin with though.

Thank you for bringing us to this point! We could not have done this without you. Don't forget to become a member so you can get notified of any updates here at TWS. I can be reached at for any questions and comments. If possible please donate via PayPal, thanks in advance!

Thank you,

Yossi Schmidt

CEO, Founder

Team World Supporter

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