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TWS Bizfluence 2.0 Review

LinkedIn has been getting into the censorship game. They are going down the woke path. Joel Wolh, and his partner Jacob Davis saw this and took the step to create an alternative called Bizfluence.

I have reviewed Bizfluence before, but they have come very far since the last review.

They have now released Bizfluence 2.0: the site and platform are now much cleaner. Networks are now hubs and are shown in the main feed. They now have a general hub, which allows a user to post any post without choosing a specific hub first

A user is required to post an introduction post explaining who they are and what they do. This is to show people that they are interacting with real people as opposed to spammers. Bizfluence has a zero-tolerance policy for those that join with the sole intention of harassing people.

They have a merit system which shows the users how often another user interacts on the platform, and how helpful they have been.

Bizfluence's goal is to be a platform to get business done without all the fluff posts, and they are accomplishing that with ease. The demand for such a platform is really high and the people are coming to the platform in droves.

They strive to be as helpful and transparent as possible, and constantly look for ways to better themselves.

All this being said: my review is that when people are all about getting business done without fluff and the woke mentality, things get done more smoothly, for this I commend Bizfluence, and appreciate their goal. I can safely give them an 8.7/10 and watch them continue to grow and flourish.

You can join by clicking here:

Happy Bizfluencing!!!

For any questions or information, I can be reached at If you, the reader, have a platform that you would like us to review, we would love to do so.

Yossi Schmidt,

CEO, Founder

Team World Supporter

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