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TWS News Roundup 1/24/24

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  1. Trump collects most votes in New Hampshire primary history (

  2. Biden wins as write-in candidate in New Hampshire | The Hill

  3. Greg Abbott declares ‘invasion’ over border crisis, invokes right to ‘self-defense’ | The Post Millennial |

  4. Arizona GOP chairman resigns after leaked audio of him offering Lake cash to stay out of Senate race | Just The News

  5. Major South African banks provide platform to fund Hamas - The Jerusalem Post (

  6. Plane 'Carrying 65 Ukrainian Prisoners of War' Crashes, Says Russia (

  7. Senate panel advances bill to seize frozen Russian assets for Ukraine | The Hill

  8. Republicans call for investigation into ‘botched’ student aid rollout | The Hill

  9. EBay to eliminate about 1,000 jobs, or 9% of full-time workforce (

  10. Capitol Police give all-clear after suspicious package | The Hill

  11. Tea-loving Brits hit back after US embassy in London suggests the proper way to make tea is in the microwave hours after American scientist advised adding a pinch of salt as new tea wars brew | Daily Mail Online

  12. Collins Unveils RAZOR Act to Ban Federal Government from Removing Texas Border Barriers | Representative Collins (

  13. Jon Stewart returning to 'The Daily Show' once a week - Good Morning America

  14. Ex-boss of Covid vaccine taskforce Clive Dix fights back tears as he tells MPs that 'incompetent decisions' have left Britain ill-prepared for another inevitable pandemic | Daily Mail Online

  15. U-Turn on Cheating: Harvard Finds 'Problems' with Claudine Gay's Work amid Plagiarism Probe (

  16. China Expands Tesla Bans From Military Bases To Other "Government Affiliated Venues" | ZeroHedge

  17. Britain Blames Biden for Preventing Post-Brexit UK-U.S. Trade Deal (

  18. Oregon lawmakers move to undo part of drug decriminalization law | The Hill

  19. Boeing plans ONE DAY work pause for employees to learn and 'reflect' on ways to improve quality of 737 fleet as airlines become skittish after door blowout at 16,000 feet | Daily Mail Online

  20. Farmers block roads across France to protest low wages and countless regulations - ABC News (

  21. American University faces federal antisemitism complaint for alleged 'hostile environment' | Just The News

  22. ADL Urged Law Enforcement to Target Trans Ideology Opponents (

  23. Dem Rep. Gonzalez on Immigration Parole: We 'Have a Problem' with 'Just Allowing Everyone in' (

  24. Ford to recall nearly 1.9 million Explorer SUVs to secure trim that can fly off - ABC News (

  25. North Korea appears to demolish ‘reunification arch’ as Kim Jong Un dimissed ties with South (

  26. Netanyahu tests Biden’s patience as war pressure builds | The Hill

  27. CIA filed dozens of conflict of interest forms with government ethics office over course of Biden administration: report | The Post Millennial |

  28. Alabama death row inmate facing nitrogen hypoxia execution loses last ditch appeal | Fox News

  29. NYC Mayor Eric Adams to unveil ambitious plan to use public sites across Big Apple for affordable housing projects (

  30. GOP senator urges SCOTUS to rein in Big Tech's content censorship that defies 'logic' | Fox News

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