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TWS News Roundup 11/1/22

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  1. Alleged Pelosi attacker David DePape pleads not guilty in court appearance | Washington Examiner

  2. Ted Cruz Calls for Impeachment of DHS Sec. Mayorkas, AG Garland on The Charlie Kirk Show | Human Events |

  3. ‘VENEZUELA ON STEROIDS’: Trump warns what will happen if we don’t ‘straighten this country out’ (

  4. Elon Musk slams Twitter's 'lords and peasants' blue-check verification system (

  5. Judge delays decision in Ford's Trucker Commission testimony case - Rebel News

  6. Brazilian President Plans Presser Tonight - Will Announce Military Audit of Controversial Election, May Arrest Criminal Judges (

  7. Capitol Police engaged in full review of Paul Pelosi assault but can't disclose details, chief says | Just The News

  8. Supreme Court says Lindsey Graham MUST testify to Georgia grand jury in 2020 election probe | Daily Mail Online

  9. U.S. FCC commissioner urges govt action on TikTok -Axios | Reuters

  10. Obama HECKLED in Detroit: 'Stop provoking nuclear war with Russia' | The Post Millennial |

  11. Battling cholera, Lebanon gets first vaccines, and sharp words, from France | Reuters

  12. Nancy Pelosi's former neighbor questions why home invasion triggered no warning | Daily Mail Online

  13. UPDATE: Court Quashes Sweeping DOJ Subpoena on Eagle Forum of Alabama - America First Legal (

  14. Saudis Arabia, US On High Alert After Warning Of Imminent Iranian Attack; US Prepared To Respond | ZeroHedge

  15. Rumors Swirl in Georgia After Elderly Congressman Disappears From Public Eye › American Greatness (

  16. Dem Staffer Fired for Setting Up Secret Meetings Between Other Aides and the Chinese Embassy (

  17. Shameless Gavin Newsom Blames Fox News Host for 'Aiding and Abetting' Brutal Attack of Paul Pelosi – RedState

  18. Justice Roberts blocks House committee from obtaining Trump tax returns | The Post Millennial |

  19. House GOP asks Elon Musk to hand over info on Twitter censorship of Hunter Biden laptop | Washington Examiner

  20. CNN employee morale at 'all-time low' under Chris Licht: report (

  21. Pfizer claims promising results for maternal RSV vaccine in protecting infants | Washington Examiner

  22. Kanye West fans launch GoFundMe to regain billionaire status (

  23. Fans wearing 'Fight Antisemitism' shirts sit courtside at Nets game - ABC News (

  24. Seoul mayor apologizes over Itaewon disaster | Yonhap News Agency (

  25. Rand Paul accuses Dems of using Pelosi attack for political misdirection: 'Where's the sympathy?' | Fox News

  26. Tinkov renounces citizenship of 'fascist' Russia over Ukraine war (

  27. Concerns that Massive Identity Theft in 2020 Election Will Occur in 2022 - Attorney Clements Tells GOP Voters: "If You're a Victim of Identity Theft Contact Law Enforcement Immediately" (

  28. GOP representative disclosed Meta stock sale worth thousands before shares took massive nosedive | Washington Examiner

  29. DeSantis Campaign Attacks Crist on Being Open to Statewide Mask Mandate if Governor - Florida’s Voice (

  30. Report: Twitter to Bring Back Vine Under Musk |

  31. Biden administration targets gig economy while midterm elections grab headlines (

  32. Brazil's Bolsonaro avoids concession to Lula, but transition to begin | Reuters

  33. Libertarian Candidate Endorses Blake Masters In Late Shakeup Of Arizona Senate Race | The Daily Wire

  34. Schmitt holds double-digit lead in Missouri Senate race: poll | The Hill

  35. Meet the ‘Expert’ the New York Times Found To Defend Raphael Warnock: A Former DNC Official (

  36. Russia Announces Wider Evacuation of Occupied Southern Ukraine |

  37. Russian lawmaker who called for end to Ukraine war is in a coma after 'falling' | Daily Mail Online

  38. San Fransisco DA charges Paul Pelosi's alleged attacker, moves to hold him without bail | The Post Millennial |

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