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TWS News Roundup 11/13/23

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  1. Hamas supporters take over streets of London for anti-Israel rally on Remembrance Day - Rebel News

  2. Secret Service agents protecting Biden’s granddaughter open fire when 3 people try to break into SUV | The Hill

  3. Tim Scott suspends 2024 GOP primary bid | The Hill

  4. Tehran-linked Pentagon aide part of ‘covert campaign’ to undermine Iranian resistance group: report (

  5. NARA releases another FOIA batch on the Joe Biden documents investigation | Just The News

  6. Georgia case arguing use of electronic voting violated voters' rights, opened election to vulnerabilities, heads to trial in 2024 | The Post Millennial |

  7. Jeffries suggests Democrats could support GOP stopgap funding bill | The Hill

  8. Tucker Carlson mobbed by fans in Spain: ‘Please Tucker, help us’ | The Post Millennial |

  9. Florida man who manufactured fake Trump pardon will serve 35 years in prison for fraud, murder-for-hire (

  10. Louisiana Tech University stabbings leave 4 injured (

  11. Workers at Ford plant in Kentucky split over UAW deal | The Hill

  12. Google witness accidentally reveals company pays Apple 36% of search ad revenue (

  13. Fed-up migrants who trekked thousands of miles to US already heading home (

  14. House to vote on Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas impeachment measure - ABC News (

  15. Trump on track to beat Biden in electoral college, monster survey finds (

  16. Supreme Court adopts code of conduct amid ethics scrutiny (

  17. Tesla owners can’t resell Cybertruck without $50K penalty — and banishment (

  18. El Salvador slaps $1,130 fee on African, Indian travelers amid U.S. migration pressure (

  19. Amazon cuts 180 jobs in games unit -- one week after layoffs in music unit (

  20. Washington parole board says 'depiction-only' child exploitation offenders should not be imprisoned | The Post Millennial |

  21. Georgia’s GOP lieutenant governor attacks ‘missing’ Raffensperger in new ad | The Hill

  22. Decapitated birds dumped in LI cemeteries in 'ritualistic sacrifice': SPCA (

  23. Scott poised to become Virginia's first Black state House speaker - Axios Richmond

  24. Google, Meta should pay $14B a year to news publishers: study (

  25. Zelle customers to get refunds for money lost in impostor scams, report says - CBS News

  26. Tension with Sanders complicates major primary care, opioid bill push (

  27. Haley set to launch $10M ad campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire | The Hill

  28. Mike Johnson proposes plan to avoid government shut down with no spending cuts | The Post Millennial |

  29. Zelensky sounds winter warning as Russia ramps up attacks | The Hill

  30. Gaping hole opens in NYC garage above Amtrak tracks (

  31. Katherine Maher, Web Summit's instant CEO, says event is in good shape after turmoil (

  32. Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald Trump's older sister, dead at 86 (

  33. Feds investigate new California city planned by tech execs near San Francisco after massive land buy | The Post Millennial |

  34. Las Vegas teenager beaten to death by mob after standing up for bullied friend, his family says | US News | Sky News

  35. Donald Trump Jr. returns to stand in NY civil fraud trail, this time as witness for his own lawyers | Just The News

  36. Tesla's drive-in restaurant is finally taking shape (

  37. Pentagon UFO chief resigns after warning recent sightings could be foreign powers -- or aliens (

  38. Report: Blue States Automatically Registering Welfare Recipients to Vote (

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