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TWS News Roundup 11/24/22

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  1. Elon Musk picks apart Semafor 'exposé,' exposing the outlet for being funded by Sam Bankman-Fried - Rebel News

  2. Biden's deputy director of Dept. of Education claims democracy, 'fatphobia' based on white supremacy | The Post Millennial |

  3. Hungary to ratify NATO membership for Finland, Sweden early next year - PM Orban | Reuters

  4. Bank of England official says nation needs centralized 'digital pound' after FTX collapse | The Post Millennial |

  5. New York pro-Palestinian activist pleads guilty to hate crimes for 3 attacks on Jews | The Times of Israel

  6. China banks pledge $162 bln in credit to developers, shares rally | Reuters

  7. No legal basis to investigate COVID dissident Doctors, lawyer states - Rebel News

  8. NASA's Orion went DARK for 47 minutes - but not before sharing new images of the moon | Daily Mail Online

  9. Musk says granting 'amnesty' to suspended Twitter accounts | AP News

  10. US passes 600 mass shootings for third straight year | The Hill

  11. Ye Tweets Out He Visited Mar-a-Lago And Asked Trump To Be His Running Mate (

  12. Biden, 80, dogged by questions about physical health during Nantucket Thanksgiving | Washington Examiner

  13. Chicago Chief: 7-Year-Old Shot Dead in 'Group on Group Violence' (

  14. Iranian advisers killed aiding Russians in Crimea, says Kyiv | Ukraine | The Guardian

  15. Pittsburgh School District unanimously passes resolution against bill barring Critical Race Theory | Just The News

  16. Ford recalls over 634K SUVs due to fuel leaks and fire risk (

  17. Shooting in Russian city leaves 4 dead, including gunman - ABC News (

  18. Report: DeSantis Unlikely to Testify Over Suspended Prosecutor |

  19. COVID Lockdown Curfew Employed in Germany Declared Illegal by Court (

  20. China Evergrande communicates with Wuhan over repossessed land | Reuters

  21. GOP Rep. Roy: Hearings, Impeaching Mayorkas Won't Matter Unless Congress Uses Funding as Leverage (

  22. Stellantis looks to India for affordable EVs for Europe | Reuters

  23. Elon Musk Says Releasing Internal Discussions On Hunter Biden Laptop Story Is ‘Necessary To Restore Public Trust’ | The Daily Caller

  24. Durable Goods Orders and Shipments Soar in October (

  25. Former Warnock opponent implores high turnout in Georgia Senate runoff to propel Walker to victory | Fox News

  26. House GOP plans to turn tables from Trump tax return fight, track Hunter Biden's money to father | Just The News

  27. Hamas’ cyber terror is a test case for other non-state players, report says | Fox News

  28. Detransitioners testify before Scottish Parliament about harms of gender affirmation | The Post Millennial |

  29. Kenya Power says electricity restored to parts of country after outage | Reuters

  30. Asim Munir: Pakistan's former spy chief named as army head - BBC News

  31. Fed minutes November 2022: Fed officials see smaller rate hikes coming 'soon' (

  32. Putin could use Novichok in mass casualty chemical weapons attacks, US officials fear | Daily Mail Online

  33. San Francisco police consider letting robots use ‘deadly force’ - The Verge

  34. Polish climate minister says EU gas cap proposal is a 'joke' | Reuters

  35. British astronomers are locked in fight over £400,000 fortune of stargazer who discovered a comet | Daily Mail Online

  36. Russian lawmakers approve bill banning LGBTQ 'propaganda' - Insider Paper

  37. Foxconn apologises for pay-related error at China iPhone plant after worker unrest | Reuters

  38. Brazil election agency rejects Bolsonaro push to void votes | AP News

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