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TWS News Roundup 7/22/22

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  1. U.S. Supreme Court Clears Way for Lawmakers to Get Trump's Tax Returns |

  2. California Teacher Reportedly Admitted to Teaching Transgender Ideology to Toddlers (

  3. South African retailer Shoprite to close Congo operations | Reuters

  4. Bolsonaro Sues To Invalidate 250,000 Votes Over "Malfunctioning Ballot Boxes" | ZeroHedge

  5. Iran enriching to up to 60% at Fordow, plans massive expansion, IAEA says | Reuters

  6. Twitter takes on WhatsApp: Elon Musk plans to ENCRYPT direct messages | Daily Mail Online

  7. Biden admin praises Fauci during his last press briefing from the White House | The Post Millennial |

  8. Bankman-Fried's FTX, senior staff, parents bought Bahamas property worth $300 mln | Reuters

  9. Big Oil joins farmers, biofuel groups to tout more ethanol in U.S. fuel | Reuters

  10. Social Media Conservatives Mock Rep. Adam Kinzinger After He Threatens Catturd over Meme (

  11. Beyond Meat factory is beyond gross, leaked docs allege - Rebel News

  12. Former MSNBC host Tiffany Cross reportedly hires a lawyer after being dismissed | Just The News

  13. Mask mandate return? HHS report wants to ‘encourage or mandate’ masking to stop long COVID | Fox News

  14. Biden adviser pledges to be 'opportunistic' with SPR and buy back oil near $70 (

  15. CIA Aims to Recruit Spies Among Russian Dissidents |

  16. Iran increases uranium enrichment in defiance of UN nuclear watchdog | Washington Examiner

  17. Sen. Marshall Introduces Resolution Blocking Citizenship For Illegals Who Get Taxpayer-Funded Benefits | The Daily Caller

  18. Vitamin D Treatment for Covid Becomes Latest Alleged 'Fake News' to Be Vindicated by Scientific Study - Becker News

  19. Arizona election official raises security amid death threats: report | The Hill

  20. Iowa Republicans dump Trump for DeSantis in caucus survey (

  21. Twitter reinstates MTG’s personal account (

  22. Zelensky wants Australian coal for Christmas this year - Rebel News

  23. Austin warns about 'increasingly dangerous behavior' of Chinese military | Washington Examiner

  24. Republicans Expect Mitch McConnell Retaliation for Supporting Rick Scott (

  25. Veteran credited with taking down Club Q gunman says he ‘just went into combat mode’ | The Hill

  26. Biden administration approves $550M for community-based clean energy | The Hill

  27. Democratic Arizona Gov.-Elect Katie Hobbs Says Biden Not Doing Enough At Southern Border | The Daily Caller

  28. Seattle awards BIPOC non-profit's leaders $1.37 million for vacations 'to heal from multigenerational trauma' | The Post Millennial |

  29. Sony to expand Chinese game incubator in Microsoft head-to-head | Reuters

  30. FBI Paid Out $42 Million a Year to Confidential Human Sources - Including Thugs Who Set Up Trump, Whitmer Kidnap Hoaxers, and Others (

  31. Saudi Arabia blasts anonymous report that they are boosting oil production after MBS immunity deal | The Post Millennial |

  32. London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to regulate speech on Twitter - Rebel News

  33. Kim's Sister Warns US of 'a More Fatal Security Crisis' |

  34. Arizona: Two Counties Delay Election Certification As AG Issues Letter Concerning ‘Statutory Violations’ In Maricopa County | The Daily Wire

  35. Iran Situation 'Critical' With More Than 300 Killed: UN Rights Chief |

  36. Woke Leadership Is Gutting U.S. Military Through DEI, Trans Policies, GOP Report Says | The Daily Wire

  37. NYC mother hits back after '1619 Project' author mocked her subway concerns: 'They just refuse to see it' | Fox News

  38. New York orders schools to stop using team mascots based on Native American imagery or risk losing state funding - TheBlaze

  39. Jay Leno released from burn center after fire (

  40. NBC 'journalist' claims reporting on the sexualization of children is 'anti-LGBTQ' | The Post Millennial |

  41. The Left Once More Hysterically Attacks Amy Coney Barrett, Demanding She Recuse Herself in Case (

  42. McCarthy: Visiting Border to Expose Failures |

  43. Incoming House chairmen cast doubt on Trump special prosecutor, citing past scandals | Just The News

  44. High-Paid NYPD Official Had Deep Ties to Eric Adams and Shared Apartment - THE CITY

  45. Russian prankster impersonating Macron spoke to Poland's Duda after blast | Reuters

  46. GameStop Shares Rise After Reports Carl Icahn Holds 'Large' Short Position | ZeroHedge

  47. Outgoing Oversight Chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney Under Ethics Committee Investigation (

  48. AP fires reporter responsible for fake story alleging Russian missiles hit Poland | The Post Millennial |

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