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TWS News Roundup 12/26/23

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  1. 1st Amendment claim struck down in Project Veritas case focused on diary of Biden's daughter (

  2. Israel: 30,000 Rockets, Explosives Seized in Gaza Since Start of War (

  3. Sweden moves one step closer to NATO membership after Turkish parliamentary committee FINALLY gives approval after 19 months of delays | Daily Mail Online

  4. Israeli official and Netanyahu confidant meeting with White House officials | The Hill

  5. Hong Kong court rejects pro-democracy Apple Daily publisher's petition to dismiss sedition charges | Human Events |

  6. Prosecutors fire back at Bob Menendez bid to delay trial ('

  7. FBI investigates social media posts about Colorado justices reported by 'public interest' group after Trump stripped from ballot | The Post Millennial |

  8. Vivek Ramaswamy's campaign stops all TV ad spending less than a month before Iowa and New Hampshire (

  9. Apple appeals Apple Watch import ban after White House declines to veto | The Hill

  10. Iran reverses enrichment slowdown, inches closer to weapons-grade uranium: report (

  11. Left-wing French deputy mayor brutally assaulted by 'North African' men outside her home, hospitalized | Human Events |

  12. Washington lawmaker, convicted felon proposes bill to let judges reduce sentences for violent offenders | The Post Millennial |

  13. Marjorie Taylor Greene targeted by attempted swatting call for roughly 8th time, this one on Christmas Day - CBS News

  14. Saudi cabinet approves contracting rules for firms not based there | Reuters

  15. The ULEZ goon squad: Sadiq Khan is using mob of 'masked heavies' to 'intimidate and harass' London homeowners and protect his hated cameras from the Blade Runners | Daily Mail Online

  16. Paul Whelan urges Biden to 'man up,' win his release from Russian prison (

  17. Obama shaped CIA to boost his political agenda, hired leftist activists, former agent says | Just The News

  18. TV news anchor fired for appearing on camera with 'pro-Israel' Starbucks (

  19. Trump leads Biden by 4 points nationwide: Daily Mail/JL Partners poll | The Post Millennial |

  20. AstraZeneca buys China-based Gracell for $1.2 billion (

  21. Ye posts Hebrew-language apology to Jewish community | The Hill

  22. Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny located in Siberian penal colony, spokeswoman says - ABC News (

  23. DCG's Barry Silbert, Mark Murphy step down from Grayscale board (

  24. US border sees nearly 10,000 migrant crossings PER DAY in December - highest ever recorded- as massive migrant caravan continues to trek toward border | Daily Mail Online

  25. Report: Obama Privately Lobbied on Harvard President Claudine Gay's Behalf amid Antisemitism Scandals (

  26. Ukraine 'Celebrates' Destruction Of Major Russian Navy Vessel In Rare Crimea Air Raid | ZeroHedge

  27. Iraq condemns Biden for airstrikes that killed Kataib Hezbollah fighter and injured 18 others: Baghdad slams 'clear and hostile act' after U.S. retaliated for suicide drone strike that injured three American troops | Daily Mail Online

  28. Buses Forced to Leave Illegals in Suburbs After 'Sanctuary' Chicago Passes Rules Restricting Dropoffs (

  29. Swing state conservative reps move to block Biden from 2024 primary ballots | The Post Millennial |

  30. India Sends Three Warships to Arabian Sea After Another Attack on Tanker (

  31. Netanyahu visits Israeli troops in Gaza, vows to continue war (

  32. Christmas Massacre: Nigerian Gunmen Kill at Least 140 in 'Christian-Dominated' Regions (

  33. Israel awards Intel a $3.2 billion grant for chip plant amid Gaza war (

  34. Trudeau claims a Trump presidency would be bad for climate change | The Post Millennial |

  35. Police investigating swatting incident at New York lawmaker’s home | The Hill

  36. Lack of Biden meeting over NYC migrant crisis 'baffling': Adams (

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