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TWS News Roundup 12/27/23

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  1. Impeachment inquiry expands to whether president obstructed Congress over Hunter Biden testimony | Just The News

  2. Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Kurdish 'genocide' (

  3. Apple resuming watch sales in U.S. after court pauses ban (

  4. U.S. court rejects sentence appeal by ‘El Chapo’ | The Hill

  5. Pentagon announces final Ukraine aid package without Congress (

  6. Report: Despite Billions in Govt. Investments, EVs 'Piling Up on Dealer Lots' (

  7. More undocumented migrants heading to Florida than ever with 550% increase this year (

  8. Lawsuit Claims CIA Hid Records of 'Monetary Payoffs' to Bury COVID Lab Leak Findings – RedState

  9. Serial California Shoplifter To Stand Trial After 90 Arrests | ZeroHedge

  10. Chicago Mayor Impounds Buses From Texas, Citations Issued – HotAir

  11. Florida Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick probed over campaign finances (

  12. US Navy downs three ballistic missiles shot by Iran-backed Houthis in Red Sea | The Post Millennial |

  13. IDF pounds central Gaza as fighting intensifies in Lebanon (

  14. Trump's legal team requests Maine Secretary of State be disqualified from ballot case | Just The News

  15. Toyota subsidiary shuts down after admitting it falsified safety tests | The Hill

  16. Oregon mom prevented from being foster parent due to Christian beliefs | The Post Millennial |

  17. Homeless man busted with machete, knife outside US Capitol (

  18. Amazon Prime Video price hike: Ads coming to movies, show in 2024 (

  19. Prosecutor says people who rob stores 'should expect to be shot' (

  20. Disney sues DeSantis-picked board in long-running legal war (

  21. TikTok makes users give iPhone passwords, reasons unclear (

  22. Gaston Glock, Visionary Firearms Pioneer, Passes Away at 94 (

  23. Portland sees increase in diseases spread by human waste | The Post Millennial |

  24. Progressive Dem Ro Khanna urges Jerome Powell to cut rates now or be 'responsible' for Trump winning White House (

  25. Antisemitic 'Doctors' group cancels protest at Holocaust Museum following massive backlash | The Post Millennial |

  26. JPMorgan earned one-fifth of total US bank profits through September (

  27. Judge denies DOJ request to pause lawsuit challenging Alabama ban on trans care for minors | The Hill

  28. Special counsel asks judge to not let Trump 'inject politics' into Jan. 6 case (

  29. Two Illinois laws go after ‘deep fakes’ and ‘doxxing’ beginning Jan. 1 | Just The News

  30. The Biden administration is quietly shifting Ukraine strategy to focus on negotiations: report (

  31. Russian budget expenditure in 2023 to total $351 bln - finance minister | Reuters

  32. Democrat PAC dropping $5.9M to flip George Santos seat (

  33. Schindler's List goes on sale for $1.8 million: Rare historical relic is one of only four copies in existence and belonged to family of Holocaust survivor who was German hero's right-hand-man and accountant | Daily Mail Online

  34. Senators demand Tesla recalls over defective parts, slam Elon Musk (

  35. Israel’s security cabinet weighs Egyptian peace proposal | Just The News

  36. Fox News mourns two employees who died near Christmas | The Hill

  37. Nearly 500,000 moved to Texas this year, Census shows | Just The News

  38. Eiffel Tower closed while workers strike on the 100th anniversary of founder's death - ABC News (

  39. Blinken, Mayorkas to travel to Mexico as pressure grows on Biden to act on border | The Hill

  40. New York Times sues OpenAI, Microsoft for seeking to 'free-ride' on its articles to train chatbots (

  41. China sanctions a US research firm and 2 individuals over reports on rights abuses - ABC News (

  42. Michigan Supreme Court rejects bid to take Trump off primary ballot | The Hill

  43. Most Antisemitic Crimes in Germany Over 'Foreign' or 'Religious' Ideology (

  44. Social media companies made $11 billion in US ad revenue from minors: Study - ABC News (

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