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TWS News Roundup 3/28/23

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  1. Federal judge orders Pence to testify in special counsel probe investigating Trump (

  2. Dominion, Fox News want testimony from Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity | The Hill

  3. US Army plans test for combining new air defense capabilities (

  4. Migrants Set Fire To Detention Facility, Killing 40, After Learning They Would Be Deported, Mexico Says - Breaking911

  5. George Soros pushes $1 million to Wisconsin Democrats ahead of pivotal state Supreme Court election | Fox News

  6. Rep. Matt Gaetz Votes No On Growing Department Of Education (

  7. DCCC went back on hacked materials pledge with military record leaks: 'Peak self-righteous indignation' | Fox News

  8. Belarus says it will host Russian nuclear weapons to counter NATO | Reuters

  9. New Mexico's governor signs legislation to provide free school meals to all students regardless of income | Fox News

  10. DA Alvin Bragg's chief prosecutor said criminals aren't 'bad dudes,' ripped 'racist' justice system | Fox News

  11. TX School District Votes To Leave ‘Divisive, Political’ State School Board Association After Legislative Pressure | The Daily Caller

  12. IRS silent on timing of visit to journalist Matt Taibbi’s home, how often it makes house calls | Fox News

  13. Honda recalls more than 330,000 vehicles due to mirror issue - ABC News (

  14. Republican issues subpoena for diplomatic cable warning of Kabul's 2021 collapse (

  15. Georgia lawmakers tell counties they must enforce bans on homeless camp | Fox News

  16. Nashville trans shooter sent DMs to friend announcing plans for 'something bad,' suicide—police did not respond to friend's call for help | The Post Millennial |

  17. Regulators Blame Friday's Deutsche Bank Crash On Single CDS Trade | ZeroHedge

  18. Migrants reportedly set deadly fire over deportation fears (

  19. Bipartisan bill aims to crack down on ‘tranq’ | The Hill

  20. Wayne State professor Steven Shaviro suspended for Facebook post (

  21. Toronto: Teen Stabbed to Death Is Latest In Surge of 'Random Violence' (

  22. China tech giant Alibaba to split, pursue IPOs (

  23. Hunter's business partner who paid Biden family $1M was frequent WH visitor during Biden vice presidency | Fox News

  24. DeSantis to visit Israel for April 27 Jerusalem speech – One America News Network (

  25. Sen. Hawley calls for 'tough, tenacious' inspector general to oversee Ukraine aid | Fox News

  26. SBF Charged With Funneling $40M In Crypto To Bribe CCP Officials | ZeroHedge

  27. Man Arrested For Stabbing Republican Staffer Was Released From Prison On Day Before Attack (

  28. Obama blames Trump for China's confrontational moves against the US - Rebel News

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