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TWS News Roundup 6/29/23

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  1. Supreme Court Rejects Race-Based College Admissions – RedState

  2. New Jersey Supreme Court Rules Police Need A Wiretap To Monitor Social Media Accounts - The Lakewood Scoop

  3. Greta Thunberg meets Zelensky in Ukraine to discuss ecological fallout from ongoing war | Human Events |

  4. Ex-GOP Ohio House speaker sentenced to 20 years for role in $60M bribery scheme; appeal expected | AP News

  5. Supreme Court Rules Unanimously In Favor Of USPS Worker Who Says Religion Forbade Him From Working Sundays - The Lakewood Scoop

  6. Far-Left NGOs Point to Holocaust When Advocating for LGBTQ Migrants (

  7. Fire breaks out at flagship Tiffany & Co. store in NYC | The Hill

  8. Concealed carry holder sues Chicago, police after murder charges filed: 'Totally unnecessary' | Fox News

  9. Poll: Trump's Lead over DeSantis Has Grown 19 Points Since February (

  10. NYPD's Staten Island commander Gin Yee retires after four decades (

  11. HHS among targets in government hacking attack | The Hill

  12. Google set to remove news links in Canada over online news law |

  13. Yellow Trucking Corporation Files Lawsuit Against Teamsters Union | The Daily Wire

  14. Virgin Galactic celebrates first-ever commercial space flight (

  15. Disaster: Homelessness Skyrockets in Los Angeles; Over 75,000 on Streets in L.A. County ( travels to Kyiv, meets with Zelenskyy – One America News Network (

  16. Comer, Jordan, Smith Seek Over a Dozen Transcribed Interviews Related to Agency Misconduct in Hunter Biden Investigation - United States House Committee on Oversight and Accountability

  17. Suspect charged for allegedly attacking Connecticut state Rep. Maryam Khan after Eid prayer service: Police - ABC News (

  18. Safety concerns dominate Norfolk Southern railroad CEO's job since Ohio derailment | AP News

  19. Biden regulations have cost Americans almost $10,000 per household: study | Fox News

  20. 3 men who funded Trump-acquired social media company charged with insider trading - ABC News (

  21. FTC plans major antitrust lawsuit against Amazon: report (

  22. Extreme pride in being an American stays low in new Gallup poll | The Hill

  23. Biden admits he’s ‘not big on abortion,’ says terminations in ‘last 3 months have to be negotiated’ | Fox News

  24. Court to review reinstatement of Adnan Syed murder conviction | The Hill

  25. CDC recommends Pfizer, GSK vaccines for older adults (

  26. Police, rioters violently clash in Paris after police allegedly kill Algerian teen | Human Events |

  27. Biden's Failure To Treat Sleep Apnea May Have Increased Risk of Dementia, Studies Show (

  28. Comer says overseas payments to Biden family could exceed $40M (

  29. Scot Peterson who hid during 2018 Parkland school shooting not guilty (

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