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TWS News Roundup 7/3/23

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

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  1. French Mayor’s Home Attacked By Rioters With Flaming Car While Wife And Children Slept Inside | The Daily Wire

  2. State Dept. warns Americans to 'reconsider' China travel, citing 'risk of wrongful detentions' (

  3. Proud Boys ordered to pay over $1 million for vandalizing BLM sign at D.C. black church | Just The News

  4. Trump draws massive crowd of at least 50K in small South Carolina town of 3,400: police | Fox News

  5. REVEALED: Hunter Biden recorded himself smoking crack while driving, speeding 172mph | The Post Millennial |

  6. Hong Kong police offer rewards for arrests of 8 overseas pro-democracy activists | AP News

  7. Rishi Sunak issues warning to banks over blacklisting customers with controversial views | Daily Mail Online

  8. China Implements Export Controls On Key Metals Used For Chips | The Daily Caller

  9. Sweden's NATO Membership Is A Pipe Dream, Turkey Says Ahead Of Summit | ZeroHedge

  10. Ex-CIA Officer James Acuna To Prigozhin: No Tea Parties With Guests From Moscow - The Pavlovic Today

  11. GoFundMe for accused French officer receives over $1 MILLION in donations | Human Events |

  12. Five years in jail and a $10,000 fine for not using preferred pronouns in Michigan | Voz USA

  13. Italian researcher shares evidence files of secret 'first' UFO crash in Italy | Daily Mail Online

  14. Joe Biden Says He Wants To Crack Down on 'Privilege' in Education. He Once Called UPenn's President To Get His Granddaughter In. (

  15. Biden slammed after report reveals number of grandchildren his aides instructed to say publicly: 'Monsters' | Fox News

  16. Mexican beer makers are using bugs to supplement barley (

  17. Canada marks worst wildfire season on record - ABC News (

  18. UPS Teamsters threaten strike if contract not reached by July 5 | Just The News

  19. Australian firm sues Twitter for $665,000 for not paying bills | Reuters

  20. Mexican government slams DeSantis' law banning ID for illegal migrants | Just The News

  21. Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino Tries Boosting Low Morale With 'Tea Time' (

  22. General: New Staging Ground in Poland Gives U.S. Military 'Options' (

  23. Jack Dorsey Says 'Running Twitter Is Hard' Amid Scraping Crackdown (

  24. Musk: Twitter Will Limit How Many Tweets Users Can Read |

  25. UBS aims to avoid using $10 bln Credit Suisse backstop amid backlash -FT | Reuters

  26. Put brakes on drive to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030, MPs and industry leaders tell ministers | Daily Mail Online

  27. FAA Approves World's First Electric Flying Car for Testing (

  28. Federal Agency Forced to Build Part of Trump’s Border Wall (

  29. 'Mysterious' brain disorder strikes hundreds, cases keep growing (

  30. US ambassador meets with detained journalist Gershkovich in Moscow prison | The Hill

  31. Stephen Miller warns schools of lawsuits if they ignore Supreme Court affirmative action ruling | The Hill

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