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TWS News Roundup 8/29/23

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  1. National Archives admits it has 5,400 Biden pseudonym emails from his vice presidency (

  2. Late-night hosts announce new podcast to benefit staffers affected by writers strike | The Hill

  3. Biden administration announces additional $250 million aid to Ukraine (

  4. Trudeau government issues ‘travel advisory’ for 2SLGBTQIA+ Canadians traveling to the US over state laws | The Post Millennial |

  5. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez suspends 2024 GOP presidential bid after failing to qualify for debate | AP News

  6. Jury awards $3.75 MILLION to man shot with foam projectiles by LAPD during George Floyd riot | The Post Millennial |

  7. CUNY bigwig who hired pro-Palestinian professor Marc Lamont Hill leaving job (

  8. Karine Jean-Pierre dodges question on whether Biden thinks biological males should be allowed to play female sports and fires back at reporter for invoking his granddaughters | Daily Mail Online

  9. 12-year-old Colorado student kicked out of class over Gadsden flag patch on backpack | The Post Millennial |

  10. Adams, Sliwa resort to name calling as they spar over NYC migrant crisis (

  11. Former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell pleads not guilty in Georgia election case (

  12. Fighting in Ethiopia's Amhara region leaves 183 dead: UN watchdog (

  13. Putin declined to attend funeral of Wagner Group head Prigozhin | Human Events |

  14. Kim Jong Un Says His Navy To Soon Be Equipped With Nuclear Weapons | ZeroHedge

  15. Alex Ludlum ID'd as mastermind of 'doom loop' tour, resigns with attack on 'deplorable' streets and 'rampant criminality' (

  16. Convicted ex-Ohio House speaker moved to Oklahoma prison to begin his 20-year sentence - ABC News (

  17. Meta says it disrupted ‘largest known cross-platform’ China-linked disinformation campaign | The Hill

  18. EXCLUSIVE: Texas Guardsman Shot Across Border Due to Cartel Gunman Assaulting Migrants, Says Source (

  19. 3M to pay out $6B to settle case with veterans over hearing loss, ear plugs | The Hill

  20. Rare video shows American Paul Whelan inside Russian prison - ABC News (

  21. North Carolina, Georgia declare state of emergency as Idalia approaches | The Hill

  22. Biden administration names 10 prescription drugs for first-ever Medicare price negotiations - ABC News

  23. Peace Talks Between Israel, Libya Collapse After Being Revealed (

  24. Apple's head of global security Thomas Moyer charged with BRIBERY after offering California cops more than $50K worth of iPads in exchange for concealed carry gun permits | Daily Mail Online

  25. Steve Scalise diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer (

  26. China ready to improve relations with US, top official says | The Hill

  27. Scoop: NYT unions file cease-and-desist letters to management over return-to-office policies (

  28. 22 counties sue Washington State over failure to provide behavioral health treatment required by law | The Post Millennial |

  29. Haley raises $1M in days after debate | The Hill

  30. California AG sues Chino Valley schools over policy requiring parents be informed of students' gender dysphoria | The Post Millennial |

  31. Imran Khan's corruption conviction and three-year jail term suspended | World News | Sky News

  32. Maui Man: Police Chief's Claim of Knocking on Doors Is a 'Total Lie' (

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