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TWS News Roundup 8/31/23

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  1. Trump pleads not guilty in Georgia, waives arraignment | The Hill

  2. China says it ‘deplores’ US military transfer to Taiwan | The Hill

  3. Trump says Biden’s behavior warrants impeachment inquiry: ‘More aliases than Al Capone’ | Just The News

  4. 1 dead, 2 injured in mass stabbing at Fulton County Jail, where Trump, co-defendants were booked | The Post Millennial |

  5. From Heroes to Zeros | Nurses of RWJ - The Lakewood Scoop

  6. Tucker Carlson predicts Democrats' 2024 playbook: War with Russia or assassinate President Trump | The Post Millennial |

  7. ICE sends deportation flight to Haiti after warning US citizens to evacuate | The Hill

  8. Families of COVID victims from New York nursing homes sue ex Gov. Andrew Cuomo saying he underreported nature of virus | Daily Mail Online

  9. Poll: Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden Post-Mugshot (

  10. Biden administration issues rule clarifying definition of being ‘engaged in the business’ of selling guns | The Hill

  11. McConnell "medically clear" to continue work after freezing episode, doctor says (

  12. California district pays $100K to settle suit over support for student's gender transition (

  13. Fetterman celebrates Biden ‘win’ on marijuana, urges DEA to follow | The Hill

  14. Personal loan interest rates for August 31, 2023 (

  15. Gavin Newsom turns to fossil fuels to keep California's power on | The Post Millennial |

  16. Ex-CIA Agent Who Signed Propaganda Letter About Hunter Biden Laptop Tried To Conceal Twitter Job | ZeroHedge

  17. Uvalde district attorney accused of cover-up in elementary school massacre | The Post Millennial |

  18. Texas federal judge halts state’s drag ban | The Hill

  19. Biden Admin Pledges Mass Campaign To Give Work Permits To Migrants | The Daily Caller

  20. Clarence Thomas discloses multiple trips accepted from GOP megadonor Harlan Crow | The Hill

  21. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff May Pull Dreamforce Conference from San Francisco over Homelessness, Drugs (

  22. Raskin asks Comer to subpoena Kushner for information on firm’s Saudi ties | The Hill

  23. "Never Going Back": Governor Refuses To Implement COVID Mask Mandates | ZeroHedge

  24. US ‘deeply concerned’ about ‘evolving events’ in Gabon | The Hill

  25. ADHD drug Ritalin could wean America's 5million cocaine users off the powder, study suggests | Daily Mail Online

  26. Dollar General Plunges On Missed Earnings, Outlook Slashed; A Warning Sign Consumer Cracks | ZeroHedge

  27. Hunter Biden’s firm, Joe’s VP office exchanged 1,000 emails (

  28. Michigan police memos raised concern about possible nationwide voter registration fraud scheme | Just The News

  29. Musk Says "Video & Audio Calls Coming To X" As Super App Emerges | ZeroHedge

  30. White House press sec fact-checked after claiming Biden 'has done more to secure the border than anybody else' | The Post Millennial |

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