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TWS News Roundup 9/10/23

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  1. "See You In Court": Gun Owners of America Sues Tyrannical New Mexico Governor | ZeroHedge

  2. Elon Musk, X sues California over anti-free speech content moderation laws | The Post Millennial |

  3. Adams doubles down on claim migrant crisis will 'destroy' NYC (

  4. Appeals Court Upholds Injunction Blocking CDC, FBI, White House from Censorship (

  5. Former Marine Corps general says the Taliban’s relationship with al-Qaeda is ‘far stronger’ than with US | The Hill

  6. Seattle has more homicides than new police hires in 2023 | The Post Millennial |

  7. Estimated 300,000 Impacted by Earthquake in Morocco (

  8. Attack ad uses AI-generated voices of Nikki Haley and Tim Scott to claim they're 'too woke' (

  9. Illegal alien murderer escapes prison, at large in Southeast PA area, new update by State Police | The Post Millennial |

  10. Mike Turner calls migrant crisis 'unbelievable human tragedy' but also security threat (

  11. EU Chief Calls for Global Digital IDs and New U.N. Body to Govern AI (

  12. JFK Secret Service agent questions assassination theory (

  13. McCaul says House committee wants Jen Psaki to testify on Afghanistan withdrawal | The Hill

  14. Newsom doesn't want to appoint Senate replacement for Dianne Feinstein (

  15. US announces increased partnership with Vietnam during Biden visit to Hanoi | The Hill

  16. Emory Healthcare SCRAPS Christmas Eve as paid holiday, replaces with Juneteenth | The Post Millennial |

  17. Afghanistan is the fastest-growing maker of methamphetamine, U.N. says (

  18. Myth Busted: Europe Also Favored Fired Ukraine Prosecutor As Biden 'Quid-Pro' Cover Story Crumbles | ZeroHedge

  19. Sununu says he’ll endorse 2024 GOP candidate before New Hampshire primary | The Hill

  20. Blinken says he ‘can’t speak to’ Elon Musk’s Starlink order in Ukraine | The Hill

  21. Soros-Aligned Texas DA Sidesteps Removal Trial By Resigning, Announces Senate Run Against Ted Cruz | ZeroHedge

  22. Fauci says uptick in COVID cases won’t likely result in federal mask mandates | The Hill

  23. UK prime minister Rishi Sunak slams China after Parliament staffer accused of spying for Beijing (

  24. To help curb terrorism and violence threats, DHS awards $20M to local communities - ABC News (

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