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TWS News Roundup 9/6/23

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  1. Gun safe manufacturer criticized for giving code of person's safe to FBI | Washington Examiner

  2. Joe Biden colluded with Hunter's business partners during VP term under Obama: House Oversight | The Post Millennial |

  3. Judge orders Texas to remove floating border barriers, granting Biden administration request - CBS News

  4. Paxton’s lawyer hammers former top deputy for going to FBI | The Hill

  5. 'They want you scared': Jan 6 defendant Joe Biggs SLAMS 17 year prison sentence on Infowars | The Post Millennial |

  6. Judge denies Kenneth Chesebro’s request to sever Georgia charges from Sidney Powell | The Hill

  7. DC watchdog group brings suit on behalf of Colorado voters to remove Trump from 2024 ballot using 14th Amendment | The Post Millennial |

  8. Judge denies Trump bid to delay New York fraud trial | The Hill

  9. American cities ordered to give over $68 million to Antifa, BLM agitators after 2020 riots caused $2 BILLION in damage | The Post Millennial |

  10. Southwest, United sound alarm about rising jet fuel costs (

  11. WhatsApp is getting a makeover: Leaked images reveal an entirely new design coming to iPhone and Android | Daily Mail Online

  12. Google's long-awaited antitrust trial finally set to begin 3 years after landmark suit over search monopoly (

  13. Paul challenges Capitol doctor’s diagnosis of McConnell as ‘clearly not accurate’ | The Hill

  14. Romania says suspected Russian drone parts fell on its land (

  15. Ukrainian first lady warns of complacency amid war: ‘Please don’t stop to help us fight’ | The Hill

  16. Dem Rep. Beyer: Biden Won't Allow Auto Workers to Strike for Demands, We Can't Have a Strike 'After all the Inflation' (

  17. US slips to fifth in ‘best country’ list | The Hill

  18. 'Sound of Freedom' screening CANCELED on US military base over false allegations of 'QAnon' ties | The Post Millennial |

  19. ADL chief on Musk accusations: ‘I can’t really tell you what’s in his head’ | The Hill

  20. Ferry Crew Face Murder Charge Over Passenger 'Pushed' Into Sea (

  21. Trump wants to DEBATE Meghan Markle: Ex-President says he didn't like how Duchess of Sussex 'dealt with the Queen' - who he thinks was 'sharper' at 95 than Biden is at 80 | Daily Mail Online

  22. Kamala Harris says she 'may have to take over' and is ready to do so (

  23. FACEBOOK FILES: Biden admin called for Americans to censored, justified demands with phony data: Jim Jordan | The Post Millennial |

  24. Warning over dangerous TikTok 'One Chip Challenge' spreading like wildfire on social media which sees people eat extremely spicy tortillas - after US teenager, 14, died while taking part in viral craze | Daily Mail Online

  25. China bans government officials from using iPhones for work: report (

  26. One out of five electric car buyers return to gas-powered cars | The Post Millennial |

  27. GOP Governors Say 'Not Happening Here' After Maryland School Implements N-95 Mask Mandate | ZeroHedge

  28. Bill Gates buys $95M in Anheuser-Busch shares following Bud Light disaster (

  29. Archives threatening to withhold some evidence in Biden probe as 'personal,' Comer reveals | Just The News

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