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TWS News Roundup 9/4/23

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  1. FBI and DOJ Are Sued For Concealing Biden Administration Censorship Pressure (

  2. Biden boasts about cutting deficit -- as it soars (

  3. Gabon swears in new leader less than a week after military seized power | The Hill

  4. Frontiersman 'colonizer' Kit Carson's monument toppled in Santa Fe | The Post Millennial |

  5. Biden says he thinks US auto workers' strike unlikely to happen (

  6. Most Arizona Voters Now Registered Independent, Unable to Vote in Presidential Preference Election - The Arizona Sun Times

  7. Over 85,000 Highchairs Recalled Following Two-Dozen Falls - The Lakewood Scoop

  8. Richard Grenell Takes Biden To Task Over Serbia-Kosovo Diplomacy Debacle - The Pavlovic Today

  9. New city rule will sprout more sidewalk sheds despite Mayor Adams’ ‘Get Sheds Down’ program (

  10. Musk's Father Worried About Assassination After Escalating Attacks | ZeroHedge

  11. Two-thirds of even Dems say Biden too old for another term: bipartisan poll (

  12. Ukraine's defense minister resigns following Zelenskyy's announcement of his replacement | AP News

  13. Mercedes-Benz chief says Europe likely won't be ready for all-electric sales by 2030 (

  14. Truth Social, Digital World Acquisitions merger deadline approaches | The Hill

  15. Russian drones struck NATO territory, Ukraine claims (

  16. Elon Musk Slams Crossroads, Elite Hollywood School Exposed by Andrew Breitbart, for 'Brainwashing' His Child into a Transgender Communist

  17. U.N. nuclear agency reports with "regret" no progress in monitoring Iran's growing enrichment program - CBS News

  18. Chinese Property Stocks Soar After Latest Beijing Support, Country Garden Debt Deal | ZeroHedge

  19. Thousands of Airbnb listings in NYC face removal amid backlog: report (

  20. Chevron Launches Mediation Talks With Aussie LNG Workers To Avert Strike | ZeroHedge

  21. Steve Harwell dead at 56: Smash Mouth singer passes away at home surrounded by family and friends a day after revealing he entered hospice following battle with alcohol abuse | Daily Mail Online

  22. SpaceX Dragon returns astronauts home after months on space station | The Hill

  23. Farage Ally Richard Tice Also Debanked for Political Beliefs (

  24. Shootout at Alabama nightclub leaves 'two women dead' | Daily Mail Online

  25. Chinese nationals have snuck onto sensitive US sites at least 100 times: report (

  26. US Sanctions Fail Again: Huawei Unveils New Smartphone With Its Own Advanced Chip | ZeroHedge

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