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TWS News Roundup 9/3/23

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  1. George Soros’ son shifts priorities, resources to focus on defeating MAGA in 2024 | The Post Millennial |

  2. Artificial intelligence pioneer leaves Google and warns about technology's future (

  3. Ramaswamy criticizes Trump's actions in alleged fake elector scheme (

  4. 'Mudpocalypse' Hits Burning Man, 73,000 Trapped In 'Toxic' Lake Bed In Nevada Desert | ZeroHedge

  5. Around 100 inmates have ‘taken over’ part of Minnesota's Stillwater Prison | The Post Millennial |

  6. Tulsi Gabbard says AP now stands for 'Associated Propaganda' | The Post Millennial |

  7. Biden touts working economy in battleground Wisconsin | The Hill

  8. Washington State man sentenced to 18 months on explosive weapons charge after FBI infiltrated anti-government group | The Post Millennial |

  9. Neo-Nazis march in Florida chanting, 'We Are Everywhere' (

  10. Sununu rules out third-party run in 2024 | The Hill

  11. Pentagon Urges End To Fighting Among Rival US-Backed Militias In East Syria | ZeroHedge

  12. FBI: at least 385 people STILL missing 27 days after deadly Maui wildfire killed 115 - as more than half of Lahaina's 12,000 residents are forced to live out of hotels and temporary accommodation | Daily Mail Online

  13. France's Public Schools Will Enforce Dress Code Banning Islamic Dress (

  14. Ukrainian billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky held in anti-corruption drive - BBC News

  15. Dutch Farmer Party Picks Anti-Vax Pass Crusader as PM Candidate (

  16. JOBOB: NASCAR offering 'diversity' internship that excludes white people | Human Events |

  17. Rep. Chris Smith: U.S. Should Support Poland Getting WW2 Reparations (

  18. Raimondo says US ‘trying to choke’ China’s military capacity with superconductor limits | The Hill

  19. Florida high school postpones football game amid new Covid scare | The Post Millennial |

  20. Federal Court Rules Against FDA Over Anti-Ivermectin Posts | ZeroHedge

  21. Bavaria's governor leaves his deputy in office despite a furor over antisemitism allegations | AP News

  22. Migrant smugglers now offering $10K travel 'packages' filled with secrets to illegal border-crossers (

  23. JOBOB: NASCAR offering 'diversity' internship that excludes white people | Human Events |

  24. Biden says he's been too busy recently to visit East Palestine, Ohio | Washington Examiner

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