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End of 2019 Statement

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Well, it’s that time of year; time to sum up the year 2019. This year we at Team World Supporter have accomplished a lot. We have opened a newsgroup on WhatsApp, opened a CloutHub account, a Parler account, and others. We also have finally created our very own website which includes a form for people to register their social media suspension/shadow-banning. We also have rebranded ourselves as Team World Supporter. All in all, we have accomplished a lot in 2019.

We have done a review between Parler and CloutHub and, have come to the conclusion that CloutHub is the social media of the future and strongly suggest that you get an account over there before it’s too late.

Let’s reaffirm what Team World Supporter is here for; we are here to protect the constitution – beginning with the first amendment. Our goal is to protect the entire constitution. We need help with our goals, we need to reach more people, you can help by contributing to us via PayPal. With your help, we can accomplish a lot more in 2020!

Looking forward!

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