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Regarding Mika Brzeznski

Updated: May 26, 2020

A reporter's job is to report and do nothing else. What the reporters have been doing is telling a story, and not the story. That has brought about President Trump having a personal twitter account, so he can tweet out the facts, and the citizens can know the truth. 

 Last week, Mika Brzezinski/ aka Morning Mika did the unthinkable: she called on Twitter to terminate President Donald Trump's account.

 The reason why that is unthinkable shouldn't have to be explained, yet because of the time we live in we have to explain it: Mika, as a reporter is actually calling for Twitter to suppress FACTS, a job she herself has shirked during her tenure in her current job! This is why it is considered unthinkable!

 Team World Supporter is calling on MSNBC to remove her from her position IMMEDIATELY! She does NOT deserve to have the title "reporter"!

 Yours truly,

       Yossi S. 

       President of Team World Supporter

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