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TWS News Roundup 12/28/23

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  1. Colorado Secretary of State says Trump is BACK on the ballot unless the Supreme Court rules he should be disqualified | Daily Mail Online

  2. Argentines fill streets of Buenos Aires to protest Javier Milei's economic reforms | Human Events |

  3. Maine's Democrat Governor Janet Mills is branded a LIAR by the National Weather Service after she claimed they didn't warn her historic storm would bring up to six inches of rain | Daily Mail Online

  4. Poland's culture minister to liquidate state run media | Human Events |

  5. Appeals court denies case delay over Trump immunity claim in E. Jean Carroll suit | The Hill

  6. Marjorie Taylor Greene's daughters swatted  | The Post Millennial |

  7. Putin ally falls to death from third-floor window (

  8. Javier Milei Continues Cleaning House: Announces Layoff of 5,000 Government Employees – RedState

  9. Former Anheuser-Busch president predicts long road to recovery for 'woke' corporations (

  10. IDF publishes findings after 3 hostages accidentally killed - ABC News (

  11. Biden extends EU steel, aluminum tariff exemption 2 years (

  12. Company Claims It Will Replace Humans on TV News with AI-Generated Anchors (

  13. Boeing Urges Airlines To Inspect 737 Max After "Possible Loose Bolt" For Rudder System | ZeroHedge

  14. Treasury slaps sanctions on alleged funding network for Houthis | The Hill

  15. Chicago City Council Blocks Effort To Allow Citizens To Vote On Sanctuary City Status | ZeroHedge

  16. Ohio governor has 1 day to sign bill preventing child sex changes after mom of 'two trans kids' demands 'right' to medically transition minors | The Post Millennial |

  17. Illegal Immigrants With Anchor Babies Using Up More Welfare Than American Citizens: Report | ZeroHedge

  18. Judy Weinstein, American Citizen, Confirmed Murdered by Hamas (

  19. Independent lawyers now in charge of prosecuting major US military crimes | The Hill

  20. Chicago's progressive mayor Brandon Johnson claims REPARATIONS will help tackle 'the cycle of violence' amid a 17 per cent surge in crime | Daily Mail Online

  21. Trump blasts Biden for 'out of control' border, being 'extorted' by Mexico over massive migrant surge | The Post Millennial |

  22. Elon Musk's Tesla losing EV race to Chinese carmaker BYD (

  23. GM files $121 million lawsuit against San Francisco | The Hill

  24. Nikki Haley in damage control says 'of course the Civil War was about slavery' insisting it's the 'easy part' and claiming a PLANT was sent in to ask the question | Daily Mail Online

  25. Russia Covered Up 100s Killed in Ukraine Dam Collapse, Probe States (

  26. David Cameron visits Lebanon warning of 'extremely high' danger of escalation amid border clashes between Hezbollah and Israel | Daily Mail Online

  27. Apple Watch ban will boost Joe Biden mega-donor Joe Kiani (

  28. Multiple Financial Executives Commit Suicide Amid China's Financial Crisis | ZeroHedge

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