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TWS News Roundup 5/9/23

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  1. Tucker Carlson announces his new show, published on Twitter - Rebel News

  2. Minnesota Senate passes paid family and medical leave bill - Axios Twin Cities

  3. McCarthy rejects short-term debt limit deal to prevent default | Just The News

  4. Feinstein set to return to Washington following months-long absence | The Hill

  5. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Mandating Teaching About 9/11 – RedState

  6. Court would halt Biden attempt to invoke 14th amendment to raise debt ceiling, tax group says | Just The News

  7. FDA considers first OTC birth control pill to be sold in America | Just The News

  8. Coinbase ex-manager sentenced to 2 years in prison in US insider trading case | Reuters

  9. Rep. Bob Good Becomes Latest Congressman To Endorse DeSantis | The Daily Caller

  10. Arab League reinstates Bashar Assad’s Syria – One America News Network (

  11. China makes first arrest over ChatGPT use, accuses suspect of using AI to generate fake news | Fox News

  12. Trump Responds To Verdict | The Daily Caller

  13. 'Rust' Movie Medic Gets $1.15 Million Partial Settlement |

  14. DeSantis-Backed College To Become First In State To Accept ‘Classic’ Alternative To SAT | The Daily Caller

  15. US imposes sanctions on son of drug kingpin El Chapo | Reuters

  16. Feds turn antitrust focus to digital pharma ads - POLITICO

  17. Tennessee lawmakers called back for special session on guns after school shooting | The Hill

  18. Gretchen Whitmer’s Sister Announces Run For Congress Against GOP Incumbent | The Daily Caller

  19. Law Enforcement To Clear Thousands Of Illegal Migrants From El Paso Streets As End Of Title 42 Looms | The Daily Wire

  20. Gas prices remain $1.68 higher this week from May 2020 | Just The News

  21. Tim Scott proposes reinstating Title 42 border restrictions due to surge in fentanyl overdose deaths | Fox News

  22. Oregonians blast lawmakers over proposed bill to legalize homeless camps | The Post Millennial |

  23. Goldman Sachs settles gender discrimination lawsuit for $215 million | AP News

  24. GM unveils $14,000 electric pickup, but you can't buy it in the USA | Fox News

  25. Fetterman ‘begging’ those struggling with mental health to seek treatment | The Hill

  26. Hunter Biden arranged NYC meeting between VP Biden and Rosemont-connected business associate | Fox News

  27. McConnell predicts US aid will flow to Ukraine ‘for a good deal longer’ | The Hill

  28. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan arrested on corruption charges by police | Fox News

  29. Texas governor promises to ship 'thousands' more to sanctuary cities like NYC in wake of Title 42 ending | The Post Millennial |

  30. Trump expands lead over GOP to largest yet: poll | The Hill

  31. Israel Kills Three Islamic Jihad Terrorists in Strikes on Gaza (

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